Do You Need a New Heating System Before Winter?

November 14th, 2022

You don’t want to head into the winter with a home heating system that might fail during one of the coldest days of the year. You may be stuck with a cold house while you arrange to get the broken heater replaced. But how can you tell that your current heater has come to the end of its service life so you can replace it?

The easiest way is to set the Moose Loose! We’re the experts at new heating installation in Charleston, SC and we can help you determine if your current heater is ready to go or if our repairs can keep it going effectively for several more years. We’ll always be honest with you about what’s best for your home.

You may still feel on the fence about your heater, so before you call us, we’ll go over some of the major signs to watch for that will warn you have a heater ready for retirement.

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Sign Up for the Moose Plan for Your Annual Heating Maintenance

October 17th, 2022

Fall means many different things to people. For us and our mascot Moose, fall means it’s time to get busy helping our customers tune-up their heating systems. This regular maintenance service is the best way to ensure a heater will sail through the winter with few troubles and work at peak efficiency. 

If you’re wondering if you really need maintenance for your heater this year, we’re here to convince you. Maintenance is great for your heater, your comfort, and your pocketbook, and we’ve put together a maintenance program—The Moose Plan!—that makes it an even better deal!

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Help Us Find Moose With a New Installation and Enter Our Reward Raffle

October 10th, 2022

Our mascot, Moose, loves new home comfort systems! To help track him down, starting October 1, 2022, the first 75 customers who install any new home comfort system will be entered into a special reward raffle. Once we’ve completed the 75th installation, we’ll put the names of those seventy-five customers who helped us find Moose into a hat and draw three names.

We’re offer $3,5000 in reward money:

  • 1st place = $2,000 reward check
  • 2nd place = $1,000 reward check
  • 3rd place = $500 reward check

We’ll announce the winners on our Facebook & Instagram fan pages.

Call us today: The Moose Is Loose In Your Neighborhood!

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Welcome to Our New Website

September 30th, 2022

iMarket Solutions has launched Carolina Climate Control’s new custom website. To learn more about how iMarket Solutions can expand your presence on the web visit:

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Check Out Our Blog for Advice on All Things HVAC

September 30th, 2022

Be sure to bookmark the Carolina Climate Control blog to start learning the ins and outs of HVAC.

We’ll regularly post energy saving tips, how-to’s on troubleshooting your systems, and breakdowns on even the most complex industry related terms and concepts.

Need help now? Send us a message or get in touch today.

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Protecting Your HVAC System During Hurricane Season

August 25th, 2022

Hurricane season 2022 is well underway. The Carolinas are often impacted by tropical storms, and this year looks to be no different with Colin already bringing the rain. Unless you’re new to Charleston and the Lowcountry, you know now is the time to start preparing for the next big storm, and we’re here to help with some advice on a subject that’s near and dear to us… protecting your HVAC system! Here are 3 quick tips that should help your HVAC unit make it through this year’s storms and hurricanes in great shape.

Hurricane Season 2022

So let’s say the NOAA and local authorities have made the call and it’s time to evacuate. Here are 3 things you should do before you head out:

Cut the Juice

Before you leave, head over to your breaker box. You’ll want to shut off the breaker that powers your HVAC-  and really any other appliances that you won’t need while you’re gone. Cutting the live current to your appliances greatly reduces the risk of them being fried by power surges, shorts, and lightning strikes. This will also protect them from damage when the electrical company is tinkering with downed power lines.

When you return home, be sure that your house isn’t flooded or damaged before flipping your breakers back on.

Clean Up Loose Objects

Be sure to clean up the area around your HVAC unit before heading out. The hurricane winds generated by tropical storms can turn any object bigger than a few pounds into something that can greatly damage your HVAC unit – and the rest of your home. A quick cleanup of things like yard chairs, planters, toys, firewood for the firepit, and tools for the yard can save you a ton of money.

Cover Your Unit

One of the best things you can do for your HVAC unit is cover it with a tight fitting protective cover. Almost every HVAC company out there sells purpose-built weather covers for their HVAC units, and there are generic options as well. We think it’s well worth the investment!

If you already have a tight cover for your unit, be sure to use it, and secure it tightly. If you’re lucky enough to have your system elevated off the ground, that’s even better and should help it avoid any potential flooding. You can also board up your system after you turn it off for even more protection.

Stay Safe During Hurricane Season!

Following each of these simple steps each time there’s a big storm can save you a ton of money… but what’s most important is your safety. If your system is broken after a storm, don’t try to fix it yourself – instead, give the pros at Carolina Climate Control a ring.

Stay safe out there, Charleston!

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5 Ways To Make Your Lowcountry Home More Energy Efficient

August 11th, 2022

It’s been a long summer so far in 2022… and seasoned Lowcountry homeowners know that we’ve got quite a few months left of the humidity and heat. Because of that high heat and humidity, our air conditioning systems work hard, long hours – and that means they require a ton of electricity to keep you cool and comfortable. With energy costs higher than ever, smart folks throughout the Charleston area are looking for ways they can save a little bit of money on their monthly bills. As they say, you can’t change the weather. There’s not much we can do about the heat and humidity here… but there are certainly ways we can improve our homes and habits to lower those bills and save a little money without sacrificing comfort. It’s all about becoming energy efficient!

Here are five of our best tips to stave off the summer heat while saving a little coin. Keep reading!

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient in Charleston, SC

1. Track Your Energy Use

If you have a good idea of how much energy you’re using and why, it becomes much easier to assess where to cut back.  Your monthly energy bill isn’t just for your AC, though that’s a big part of it. All of the appliances and electronics in your home cost dollars and cents when they’re on or running – and it all ads up.

So, make an energy budget! Take stock of all of your appliances and electronics and see how much energy they use and how often they’re running – most are labeled with their cost per hour. Use this information to estimate your total consumption and compare it with your energy bills.

You’ll likely find a big discrepancy, which means you have energy waste to contend with.

2. Reduce Energy Waste

The first place you’ll want to check for waste is in the air itself. Any drafts and leaks from your home to the outside will stress your AC unit, which makes it run much harder and longer. All that extra work on behalf of your AC will increase your energy costs at the end of the month..

Here’s where to check for drafts:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Vents
  • Ducts
  • Attic access points
  • Chimney
  • Garage entries/exits
  • In/Out Pipes
  • In/Out Electrical outlets and sockets

All of these places can leak that cool, 70 degree air out of your home and into the hot Charleston air. Sealing them up properly means less waste!

3. Upgrade To Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are responsible for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. In older homes, they can be the single biggest source of energy waste in the home. Upgrading to new, high-efficiency windows is no small task – but it can make a huge difference for years and years to come on your power bills.

4. Insulation Remediation

Another big source of waste for homes, especially older ones, in Charleston is the insulation itself. If you find yourself with sky high cooling bills, have your local contractor come out and check out the performance of the insulation in your home. If an upgrade is possible and needed, you could potentially reduce your energy costs by 50 percent. If you’re in a newer home, you’re likely already good… but it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on it regardless.

5. Opt For an Energy Efficient HVAC System From Carolina Climate Control

Now that you’ve eliminated all the waste and sealed your home up tight, it’s time to go for the big savings… by installing an energy efficient HVAC system.

You’d be shocked by the impact of a higher efficiency air conditioning system. Many of our installs here in Charleston report anywhere from a 30% to 50% reduction on their monthly energy bills.

Get In Touch with Carolina Climate Control

We don’t need to tell you – it’s hot out there. With the heat comes the costs, and we’d all like to bring them down if we can. If you follow the improvement steps above, you should be well on your way to more affordable summers here in the Lowcountry, for years to come… and if you’re ready to take a big chunk out of those bills with a new, high efficiency HVAC system – get in touch! We’d love to work with you to lower your monthly energy costs.

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Replace or Repair? What To Do When Your Central Air Conditioning Starts To Fail In The Lowcountry

June 27th, 2022

We’re in peak summer season here in the Lowcountry, which means it’s also peak operating season for your central air conditioning system.

The combination of elevated summer heat levels and the general increase in humidity outside makes keeping your house cool & dry an uphill battle, even for the most efficient HVAC systems out there.

The battle to maintain comfort levels can be even worse (and costly) if your system is starting to breakdown or is operating less than its best efficiency.

When your system starts to fail at maintaining a specific temperature and/or humidity levels, Lowcountry homeowners are left with the choice: pay for the repairs or invest in a replacement.

Knowing which option to choose (repair or replace) can be a difficult decision so to help you identify which one you should do, here’s a brief rundown of system situations when each should be considered.

When To Repair Your Central Air Conditioning System

Generally speaking, repairing makes more sense if your A/C system is new or recently installed (within the last 5-9 years).

Newer systems have less wear-and-tear on their individual components — both mechanical and electrical — so repairing specific components that breakdown makes more sense as the other components are probably in fairly good condition.

One of the things most Charleston homeowners with newer systems do, however, is sign up for a maintenance plan with their HVAC company.

Maintenance plans often include reduced pricing for replacement components if needed, lower service call rates and helps you identify & prevent larger AC issues that could occur in long-term.

When To Replace Your Central Air Conditioning System

Even if your system age is still early in its lifespan, repeated or recurring issues may be cause for installing a new system, especially if you don’t have a comprehensive or active warranty.

Replacing your central air conditioning is almost always the best option if your system is in the 10-15 year range of active use. Replacing components becomes more frequent and the likelihood of a major breakdown increases significantly.

A major breakdown will ultimately force you to choose the replacement option, but you definitely want to initiate an A/C replacement project before that happens.

If a breakdown occurs during this heat & humidity, you could be uncomfortable for awhile if your HVAC company is booked up — which is more likely during the peak summer season.

Contact Your Local HVAC Contractor About Promos & Financing

Whichever option you choose, be sure to ask about special offers on repairs, summer promos and new installation financing offers when you call your Lowcountry HVAC company.

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Stay Cool in Charleston

June 23rd, 2022

There’s just no doubt about it – the folks down here in the Lowcountry have another H O T summer underway so far in 2022. And it’s not just the heat – the humidity’s off the charts as well. You need a plan to stay cool in Charleston this year – and we’ve got some great tips!

How to Stay Cool in Charleston

Change Your Air Filters

Your HVAC unit requires an efficient, clean, well maintained duct system in order to distribute the cooling air you need to stay cool in Charleston this summer. If you haven’t changed your filters since winter… it’s time.

A clean filter will help ensure your whole home stays cool… and will also save you some money in the process.

Run Your Fans

Ceiling fans and box fans don’t actually reduce the temperature of a room – in fact, if they’re dirty or old, they can actually increase the temperature. However, their ability to keep the air continuously moving can:

  • Help your body’s natural cooling mechanisms function
  • Equalize the temperature of the air in the room

Since hot air rises and cold air falls, the air will be warmer on the second floor or around the ceiling. A ceiling fan pushes this warm air back down, displacing the cool air on the ground and creating an all-around more comfortable temperature in the room. And don’t worry – running your ceiling fans constantly won’t cost you much more money. In fact, it might even help you to save money since you’ll be more comfortable (which means less AC adjustments) and you won’t be stressing your HVAC system as much.

Draw the Curtains

A simple, easy, and effective trick to beat the heat is to draw the curtains in your home. Doing so keeps the heating rays from the sun from entering your home, lowering the temperature.

Check Your Appliances

Old and high energy appliances can run hot – very hot. TVs, computers, refrigerators, and heavy-duty indoor lights can raise the temperature of your home. Consider keeping them off when they’re not in use – and be sure to clean their fans as well.

Get Your HVAC System Checked

If your AC system is running well, you might not pay it any mind. However, it’s important to get it checked periodically to make sure you are staying ahead of any issues. Prevention is the best cure – so let Carolina Climate Control do what we do best, and check out your system.

We Hope You Stay Cool in Charleston This Year!

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5 Important HVAC Questions To Consider When Living In Charleston

May 12th, 2022

Charleston is one of the best places to live here in America and according to some sources, it’s the actually the best.

Considering all of the beautiful sites, great restaurants and other attractions in the area, it’s not hard to see why we’re one of the fastest growing areas in the US, in terms of people moving into the Lowcountry.

If you happen to be one of those people moving into the greatness that is the Charleston area, most likely HVAC and air conditioning aren’t high on your priority list. However, with our hottest months upon us (as they do every year), you’re going to want to at least put HVAC on your radar for your to-do list.

Even if you’ve been living in Charleston for some time and haven’t really thought about your home comfort and air conditioning, odds are good that the time will come that you’ll definitely need to; often major breakdowns occur during the worst times in the summer.

We know that HVAC might be a bit of a buzz-kill for you as there are so many wonderful things you should be thinking about, so to help you make this process quick, we’ve compiled 5 of the most important questions (and answers) for you to review that will help you get back to the more fun things in life.

1. Should You Try Ductless Air Conditioning In Your Home?

What is ductless air conditioning? It’s slowly becoming one of the more popular HVAC options for homeowners here in Charleston, especially those with older homes or those that are adding additions onto their home that are hard to tap into their current ductwork.

Essentially ductless air conditioning is exactly how it sounds — it’s air conditioning/heating areas of your home without the need to use your air ducts. A ductless unit is placed in a room or other living area on the wall that is attached to an outdoor unit (with conduit). This ductless unit then can be set at your desired temperature using a remote control. Since your system isn’t trying to “push” air through your air duct network, they generally run much more efficiently than traditional central air conditioners and give you more granular control over comfort for each area in your home.

As mentioned above, these are incredibly handy for cooling/heating areas of your home that don’t currently have access to your ductwork or if you plan on adding onto your home and your current ductwork is hard to tap into. Also these are excellent for pool houses, garages and in rooms where you need added control over heating/cooling (you might have a particular “warm” room or “cold” room, for example).

They are engineered with a sleek design that come in a few different colors so that you can match it to your current interior design motif. Also they operate quietly, often quieter than older, traditional units (you probably can hear when your older unit “kicks on” when operating.

So is ductless air conditioning right for your home? If you think you can take advantage or would benefit from the features listed above, then we think that ductless is a great match for your Charleston home.

2. Should You Go With A Traditional Central Air Conditioning System Or A Heat Pump?

For many people moving from colder climates, coming to South Carolina might be the first time you hear the term “heat pump” used when referring to a home’s HVAC system. So what is a heat pump and how does it differ from a traditional central air conditioner?

One the surface, heat pumps function exactly how traditional air conditioners work: they take the air in your home, condition/cool it, and return it into your home.

Heat pumps however add the extra function of being able to warm your home during the colder months here in the Lowcountry. They’re able to draw the warmth from the air outside and use it to warm your interior. Heat pumps don’t generally work very well when temperatures hit extreme lows, however here in South Carolina since the temperatures don’t dip very far (except for those odd winters that happen once every 30 years), a heat pump is more that suffice to keep you warm in the winter time.

Because of the duality of its operation, a heat pump can save you from needing extra heating components & operation (they simply transfer the heat instead of creating it saving you money also), so they’re one of the most common types of units you’ll see around in Charleston.

If you prefer the traditional setup of an air conditioner/furnace HVAC arrangement, then a heat pump might not be right for you.

Otherwise, if you want to save some money and have a heat pump at your disposal for year-round operation, then getting a heat pump would be perfect for your Lowcountry home.

3. Is Getting A High-Efficiency HVAC System Worth It Here?

We’ll be quick with the answer to this question. If you’re looking to save money on your monthly power bills, then a high-efficiency model is the best way to do this.

With the hot, extended summers here in Charleston, operating expenses that your HVAC system will tally will make up a large part of your electricity bills. Thus if you have a high-efficiency system, you’ll generally expect to pay less each month for those bills.

We’ve seen energy bills drop by as much as nearly one-third to one-half after installing high-efficiency systems. They are generally more expensive, however if you’re cutting your monthly power bills down by that much each month, recouping that initial investment goes pretty quickly, especially in the heat of the Lowcountry.

4. Is An HVAC Maintenance Plan Important For My System In Charleston?

Every HVAC system you’ll encounter has a particular lifespan — just like any mechanical device. And just like any other piece of machinery you own (like your car, for example), regular maintenance is needed to not only extend the lifespan of your system, but also keep it running with the highest efficiency.

Plain and simple, signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan is a smart move, no matter where your HVAC system lies in it’s lifespan. Since maintenance plans generally include bi-annual inspections (winter and summer), finding and resolving problems before they become large problems becomes much easier.

Maintenance plans can also include reduced cost repairs, priority scheduling and more features that will benefit you in case of an emergency breakdown.

As mentioned earlier, the summer months can be brutal here in Charleston, not just on yourself but also on your system. Having a maintenance plan in place is best way to keep your system running in tip-top shape when the temperatures start rising.

5. What Is The Best HVAC Company In Charleston?

There are several things to consider when determining the best HVAC company for your home in the Lowcountry. Here are a few of those factors:

  • 1. Licensing and Insurance: make sure your company has both in place and current.
  • 2. N.A.T.E. Certification: North American Technician Excellence certification; this ensures you get top-notch, well trained techs working on your system.
  • 3. Good Reviews: check Facebook, Google, Yelp, et. al. and see how other people’s experience with the company went.
  • 4. Answering Your Questions & Concerns: does the company patiently and thoroughly review all of your options and give you honest advice about your HVAC system?

If the company can fulfill all of these requirements, you’ll be on your way to finding the best HVAC company in Charleston.

If you’re new to the area, we hope you find it is as special as we here in the Lowcountry do, and should you need any assistance with your HVAC concerns, review the questions above and you’ll be well on your way to having a comfortable stay in Charleston for years to come.

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