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The Truth About Refrigerant: You Don’t Need Regular “Top-Offs”!

Monday, May 15th, 2023

There are many components that allow your air conditioning system to do its job. One of the essential elements is the refrigerant that moves from the compressor and through the two sets of indoor and outdoor coils. Without refrigerant, there isn’t cooling for your home.

This probably isn’t new information for you. But we find that most homeowners don’t know much more about refrigerant beyond the basics. This is why we sometimes hear questions like, “When will my AC run out of refrigerant?” and “When should I top-off the AC’s refrigerant?” 

Unfortunately, some less scrupulous people who pose as “HVAC technicians” often spread misinformation about air conditioners and refrigerant refills. We’re here to give you the truth that will help you understand your air conditioning in Mount Pleasant, SC.

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Is Geothermal Even Possible for My Home?

Monday, April 3rd, 2023

When you think of a geothermal system, what do you first envision? It’s probably a massive set of ground loops buried in a wide expanse of property. That might sound like a project that’s out of reach for you in terms of space, time, and expense. Geothermal sure sounds nice, but it’s not something you think is viable.

We would love to prove you wrong! We can’t say for 100% certain if a geothermal system will work for your household, but using geothermal HVAC is increasingly possible for more and more homes. It’s worth investigating because the rewards of geothermal are tremendous.

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