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How Powerful a Pool Heater Do I Need?


You’re thinking about getting a pool heater for your outdoor pool. This is an excellent idea because it lets you get the most out of your investment in a luxury like a pool. You can extend the months you use your pool farther outside of the summer season, and you can also make use of the pool during warm evenings when you don’t have the sun around to use its radiant heat to warm up the water.

But how powerful a pool heater do you need? There’s no one-size-fits-all option because there are many different pool sizes. Don’t worry if you don’t know: you can rely on us because we’re experienced when it comes to pool heater service in Charleston, SC. We’ll go over some of the basics here, and when we work with you in person, we’ll use our expertise to ensure you have the perfect-sized heater.

Factors involved in sizing a pool heater

Here is some of the basic information necessary for properly sizing a pool heater:

  • The local climate and frequency of sunshine
  • The pool size and type
  • How often the pool is used

We already have a good grasp on the local climate, and you can easily fill us in on how often you use your pool. That makes the pool size and type the main part we need to investigate when sizing a pool heater.

This is a bit trickier than simply measuring the volume of the pool. The job of a pool heater is to replace the heat the pool loses to the surrounding air. Therefore, the key metric we need to know is the surface area and the speed of heat loss. A pool needs a heating system that’s able to keep the pool at a comfortable temperature (usually between 78°F and 86°F), replacing the lost heat at a steady enough rate so it neither gets too cold nor too hot.

Is it okay to have a pool heater that’s oversized?

It may seem like it’s no big deal to have a pool heater that’s more powerful than necessary. After all, can’t you just turn the heater down a bit if it gets too hot?  

It’s not that simple. An oversized pool heater is a big deal because it hurts the heater’s efficiency and will cost you much more to run. You can also expect a shorter service life out of an oversized pool heater because of the extra strain that comes from higher capacity operation. You definitely want precision when it comes to sizing a pool heater.

Sizing for local weather

Here’s a piece of good news about your future pool heater: because we experience mild winters, it’s usually unnecessary to have too powerful a pool heater. We never have difficulty locating the right type of heater for any local pool. We’ll also help you with selecting the type of heating system that matches your available energy supply. 

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