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Video Pipe Inspection in Charleston, SC

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There aren’t many people who really want to see what is inside their pipes—at least until those pipes stop functioning. At that point, just about everyone would like a look at what is causing the problem so that they could figure out a good solution. Finding the best solution is why Carolina Climate Control provides video pipe inspections for homes just like yours.

  • Our team undergoes frequent training to stay up-to-date on all best practices.
  • We work hard to provide 100% customer satisfaction.
  • All of our services are timely and reliable.

Our team can provide an effective video pipe inspection that gives a good look at the exact issue causing problems for your home. We use the right tools and best approach for your inspection.

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Video Camera Inspection

If you haven’t heard of video camera inspections before now, it is a good idea to learn about them to see if they can benefit you. With the use of a high-def camera that is attached to the end of a flexible cord, this tool allows your plumber to get a clear view of what is going on, and possibly going wrong, in your pipes.

Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspections can allow for better solutions for nearly every part of your plumbing. From identifying leaks in your water pipes to finding clogs in your drain lines, this service can help identify the core problem messing with your home’s plumbing. This can even be used for a sewer camera inspection.

Sewer Camera

A sewer camera inspection may be necessary for situations when you have multiple backed-up drains. This way it is easier to identify if the core issue lies in a drain or if you need help clearing your sewer line. With our help, you’ll regain the use of your drains and sewer line quickly without fear of encountering issues again in the near future.

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