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Explaining the Magic of the Heat Pump


Fall is a time when homeowners consider making upgrades to their heating system. If you’ve got a furnace that’s over 15 years old and you’re concerned about it making it through the coming winter, fall gives you a chance to arrange an appointment with our team to look at your options for a heating replacement.

One of those options is a heat pump. You may already know a bit about heat pumps, but we want to share with you why heat pumps have started to make news and jumped to the top of many people’s heating system lists. Using a heat pump in Charleston, SC isn’t the ideal choice for all homes, but if it’s right for your home, we want you to know about it!

The Two-in-One HVAC System

The simple definition of a heat pump: a refrigerant-based system that can operate as both a cooling system and a heating system. 

You might see the word refrigerant in there and wonder how in the world a heat pump can deliver both cooling and warmth to a house. You’re used to hearing about refrigerants when talking about an air conditioner or a refrigerator.

But refrigerant is “something that gets cold.” It’s actually a heat transfer medium: it moves heat from one place to another, so it can both take heat away to lower temperatures or bring heat in to raise temperatures.

Let’s look at a standard air conditioner for comparison because a heat pump is extremely similar to an AC in how it runs. An air conditioner circulates refrigerant between a set of indoor and outdoor coils. Cold refrigerant in the indoor coil draws heat from the inside air to cool it down. That heat has to go somewhere! Refrigerant releases it to the outside air through the outdoor coil. 

A heat pump works the same way as an AC in cooling mode. But when it switches into heating mode, it reverses the direction the refrigerant moves so that the refrigerant now draws heat from the outside and brings it inside. The two coils switch their jobs. 

Where Is the Outdoor Heating Coming From?

We know the question you want to ask is, “Where is the heat pump getting its heat when the only time it will need to run in heating mode is when it’s cold outside?” We’ll admit this does sound odd. However, there’s always some heat energy in the air, no matter how low the temperature is.

Heat pumps are designed to effectively absorb heat although they tend to work more efficiently in milder winters. Thankfully, that’s the kind we have here! You won’t have to worry that your heat pump won’t be able to warm up your home during winter.

Is a Heat Pump Right for You?

It might be! If you live in an all-electric house, a heat pump can make a great substitute for an AC/electric furnace combination. Heat pumps use much less electricity than electric furnaces, and you can substantially reduce your electric costs. Our team is happy to help you find the right type of HVAC system to keep your home comfortable all year round.

Reach out to Carolina Climate Control to learn more about your heating options. The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood!

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