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Marv Snyder, This week
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Ryan Jackson, This week
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Peggy Spivey Martha Bruce, This week

Carolina Climate Control installed a new Hot Water Heater replacing our 20+ year old one. Andrew the technician was very thorough and did an excellent job. Carolina Climate Control installed our new Heating and Air unit three years ago and also did an excellent job.

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Pat Harris, This week

Company Representative Travis, provided excellent and informative customer service.
Technicians Randal and Ryan were skilled and efficient in the installation of our new HVAC system. We highly recommend Carolina Climate Control.

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john cobin, This week
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Brian Klump, This week

Prompt and kept in touch throughout the entire experience. The installers were professional, courteous, and got everything up and running without any issues.

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Bonny Derhay, Last week

I called on a Saturday when our HVAC went down. A tech came out that day and reviewed the issues. It was determined that either a new firing unit would be needed or it was possible I was low on propane. The tech was informative and very fair about the fee for that day considering he was out on a Saturday. I felt that he was very professional and that their response time was great. He kept in touch with me on the phone through the day and did what he could.

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Carleen Jelliff, Last week
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Edward Johnson, This month
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Jenn Martin, This month

We pay for the yearly maintenance service for our HVAC system. Today, we had a routine appointment for our heating maintenance. During the appointment, the technician (Joe Alvarez) was testing the emergency heat and our house started filling with smoke. Some times this can happen with dust build up over the months of no use, but this was definitely not a normal situation. He remained calm and immediately began diagnosing the issue while I called 911. He remained on site and worked with the fire department to diagnose the problem, resolve, check and recheck to make sure everything was safe. There was a piece of bark that had somehow gotten blown into our heating coils from our ducts. He pulled the system apart, found the culprit, and put everything back in a high intense situation. He was calm, professional and literally saved our house today. We are forever in his debt for remaining calm and working with the fire department to ensure our house was safe. I think this was the best sales pitch ever for having a yearly HVAC maintenance plan, but I hope no one else needs this pitch. Thanks to Joe and Carolina Climate Control for making this terrible situation a best case scenario.

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