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Carolina Climate Control Blog

Are You Proactive or Reactive?


All of us would love to be proactive at everything in our lives. Unfortunately, life is not always that simple. Most homeowners don’t understand the inner workings of every moving part in their home, such as the dishwasher, the garage door motor, and the plumbing/heating and air conditioning system. If we as homeowners understood every single aspect of mechanical equipment in our homes, then what a world we would be living in! And it would be great if pigs could fly.

In the world that we actually live in, there are parts of our homes that we as homeowners are not supposed to understand and which we have to trust someone else to handle, honestly and competently. We at Carolina Climate Control are your trusted plumbing, heating, and cooling service advisors. We have an approach to educating our clients so they can make informed purchasing decisions. We eat, breathe, and sleep home comfort, and we’re here for you and your family.

Back to the point of this blog: being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your home’s plumbing, heating, and cooling systems can make the difference between repairs that cost hundreds of dollars and repairs that cost thousands of dollars.

Maintaining your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems is similar to getting the oil on your car changed or going to the doctor to make sure your blood pressure isn’t getting out of hand. There are many unknowns going on under the hood/skin that professionals like us deal with daily. There’s electricity, high-pressure refrigerant, high-pressure water, sharp spinning blades, etc. It sounds like an episode of Fear Factor—no thanks!

For a low monthly cost, we can take away the stress and worry you and your loved ones might have about coming home from a long day of work only to find your house is a roasting 90°+ or the ceiling is now lying on the floor because of a plumbing leak. Our office staff and technicians undergo extensive in-field training as well as drug screening, background checks, and motor vehicle record checks. Rest assured a criminal will not arrive at your doorstep when you call Carolina Climate Control!

That cold winter snap is still fresh in our minds: “HELP, MY PIPES BURST … HELP, MY HEAT ISN’T KEEPING UP!!!” We hit the streets, and, wow, some of the things we saw this winter could’ve been prevented but instead cost our new clients big bucks right around the holidays. What a bad way to start off Christmas and the New Year!

We’ll always be here for you and your loved ones whether you’re proactive or not. We just hate to see the repair costs that happen from a reactive mindset. If you don’t have a plumbing, heating, and air conditioning professional you regularly turn to, now is the best time to find one—not later when the temperature outside is either down in the teens or up in the triple digits. Give our office a call today to find out more about our Maintenance Program, and how we can help you stay comfortable in your home all year long.

Contact Carolina Climate Control and we’ll say “The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood!”

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