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Strange Gas Furnace Noises to Listen For


The best way to have your furnace repaired is to catch any problem as soon as possible, before it starts to hurt your family’s comfort or leads to additional problems. A complex and powerful piece of equipment like a gas furnace will suffer from a chain of malfunctions if a single malfunction, even a small one, goes unrepaired.

How can you early detect problems with your gas furnace? There are several signs you can watch for, but let’s focus on signs you can listen for. Odd sounds from a furnace are among the most common indications that it needs professional repairs.


If the furnace cabinet is making a rattling noise, the problem may be simple: the door to the HVAC cabinet is loose. Latch the door properly to see if this stops the sound. If this isn’t the cause of the rattling sounds, there are several other more serious possibilities such as bolts coming loose or parts that are already loose and clattering around. You don’t want any loose parts in your furnace, so call for professional repairs.


When the gas jets ignite in a furnace, it creates a small “whoosh” sound. You’re likely familiar with this sound and won’t even pay much attention to it as the furnace runs. But if that “whoosh” becomes a more startling booming noise, what’s probably going on is delayed burner ignition. Too much unburned gas is building up in the combustion chamber and igniting all at once. This can damage the furnace and you’ll also want to have the delayed ignition fixed.

Clanging and Banging

Sharp, hard metallic sounds like this are startling to hear and you should never ignore them. This noise often indicates that something is wrong with the blower assembly. A blade may be bent, the blower fan has become misaligned, or a loose part has fallen into the assembly.


When your furnace ends a heating cycle and the blower shuts off, you may hear some clicking sounds. This is normal: it’s the sound of motors and other parts cooling off, similar to what you hear from a car engine when it shuts down. But clicking sounds at other times aren’t normal, especially when the clicking sound is loud enough to be noticeable.

There are numerous problems that could lead to this, such as a failing electronic ignition system, dirty burners, and even a crack in the heat exchanger. We recommend you have this looked at as soon as you can.


This noise probably comes from the motor bearings in the blower motor wearing down. If this continues, the bearings will wear down entirely and the motor will burn out, so act soon to have professionals repair it. 


If you hear something from your furnace that sounds like wind whistling through the trees or wind down a chimney, the furnace is struggling with airflow. This might be as simple as a clogged air filter, which you can correct on your own, or it could come from issues with ductwork. 

No matter what furnace sound is causing you concern, you can trust us for fast heating repair in Charleston, SC. We aim to provide 100% satisfaction on every job we do. 

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