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Why You Always Wants the Pros for HVAC Repairs


“Hey, I’ll bet I can fix this myself.”

“My friend knows a guy who can repair that for you real cheap.”

These two phrases (or similar ones) have led the way to many DIY home projects. Sometimes they work out and cost far less than hiring a professional. Other times, they just don’t work out. There are some types of projects and jobs better suited to the professionals.

HVAC isn’t just better suited to the professionals. Only professionals should ever handle actual HVAC repair work. No matter how handy you think you are, no matter how many friends recommend their cousins or “some guy they know,” this should be left to experienced and licensed professionals only. Let’s go over the most important reasons why you should go with professionals for HVAC repair in Summerville, SC

#1. Safety

Safety first! You learned it in school, and boy does it apply here! Just think about the most common type of heating system: the gas-powered furnace. Tampering around with any appliance connected to a gas line is extremely hazardous unless you are licensed and equipped to do the job.

In fact, in most jurisdictions, it’s illegal for amateurs to attempt this work. You put your home and family at risk with any DIY or amateur work, so please don’t take any chances.

#2. Insurance

This is one of the top reasons to never entrust HVAC services to someone who claims they can do the job but doesn’t have any type of licensing or certification. For an HVAC contractor to have a license (and therefore be considered a professional), they must be able to show they have the appropriate amount of insurance coverage.

This protects you in case a worker sustains an injury while on the job site or if the workers cause any damage to your property. Professionals give you peace of mind that you won’t be held liable for anything that goes wrong.

#3. Equipment

Working with heating and air conditioning systems requires using advanced tools. These tools aren’t easily available on the consumer market and are prohibitively expensive. For example, the equipment necessary to add refrigerant to a heat pump or air conditioner isn’t something you can just pick up at the store and you wouldn’t know how to use it anyway. HVAC professionals have all these tools at their immediate disposal and have extensive training on how to use each one correctly.

#4. Diagnostic Knowledge

This often gets overlooked in importance, but it’s a huge reason to only trust an HVAC professional when you have repair needs. A huge part of managing a heater or AC repair is correctly diagnosing what’s causing the problem in the first place.

It’s too easy to guess and end up making an incorrect repair or causing further damage. Professionals have years of training to help them locate the true source of an HVAC problem so they can make fast and accurate repairs.

#5. Speed

Do you really want to spend hours or days trying to do an HVAC repair that pros like us can take care of in a fraction of the time? You aren’t just paying for expertise, you’re also paying for saved time when you hire a professional.

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