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Will Your Air Conditioner Last The Summer In Charleston? Here’s How To Know If It Will (Or Won’t)

As the calendar turns over to June and the summertime temps start peaking here in the Lowcountry, many area homeowners are confronted once again with one big question:

“Will my air conditioner make it through the summer?”

With the levels of heat & humidity we get in Charleston, it’s a question that can cause serious stress and haunt homeowners and property managers throughout the summer.

If you’re worried about how your system will hold up this summer, below are some key indicators that will let you know if you’ll have a cool & comfortable summer — or not.



If Your HVAC System Has Been Recently Replaced…

Generally speaking, if your system has been replaced within the last few years you shouldn’t have any need to worry — as long as it was installed properly by a professional HVAC company.

However one big issue that can occur with newer installations is oversizing or undersizing. If the capacity of your newer system is oversized, it may not run long enough to get all of the humidity out of your home — it reaches its desired temperature too quickly and will immediately turn off. An undersized system will run too often and struggle to keep a desired comfort level.

If your newer system seems to be experiencing any of those oversizing/undersizing symptoms, be sure to contact your local HVAC company and have them check out if you system’s capacity matches the needs of your Lowcountry home.



If Your HVAC System Doesn’t Break Down Often…

If your HVAC system hasn’t been replaced within the last few years and is reaching the mid-to-late stage of its lifespan (see how long HVAC systems last in the Lowcountry here), it doesn’t automatically mean you should be worrying.

If your system hasn’t experienced any major breakdowns or isn’t in need of constant repairs or service calls, there’s a good chance the important components in your HVAC system are in good shape. If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t have much to worry about this summer.

That said, however, components to wear down over time — just like any electrical/mechanical system — so as you’ll see below, making sure you have a professional maintenance plan is key for avoiding major breakdowns.



If Your HVAC System Is Properly Maintained…

A properly maintained HVAC system can help maximize your HVAC system’s useful lifespan, so if you’ve signed up for a maintenance plan with your HVAC company, that should reduce your worry about making it through the summer.

As mentioned above, your system’s components can and will wear down over time. When you have a maintenance plan in place for your system, however, your heating and air company should be able to identify the smaller components that may need replacing — helping you avoid any major repair work. Most maintenance plans also come with reduced pricing for system components and labor, so that gives you an extra layer of comfort should you need anything repaired.

You should be able to enjoy your summer without the cloud of worry hanging around your air conditioning’s performance — but if your system falls into one of the categories listed above, we’re sure you’ll be well on your way to stress-free summer.

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