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Do This One Thing To Get The Best Warranty On Your Air Conditioner Replacement

It’s once again that time of year where replacing your air conditioner in Charleston becomes more and more a reality for many Lowcountry homeowners.


Temperatures become unbearable and the humidity levels go beyond balmy.


That means your HVAC system is going to be working overtime to help you and your family escape that outdoor heat and humidity. The extra load on your HVAC system could cause it to develop issues and you could be in for a slightly warmer summer than you’d probably prefer in Charleston.


When you do end up replacing your air conditioning, whether that be from a total breakdown or poor performance due to age (learn more about how long HVAC systems last in the Lowcountry here), the last thing you want to worry about is something immediately breaking down.


A brand new system shouldn’t give you much cause for concern, but in case something does happen you’ll want to make sure you get the best warranty possible to cover any more expenses that may come with repairs and/or replacements.


Typical HVAC Warranty Types


Like any new equipment right off of the assembly line, heating and air conditioning products will almost always come with some sort of base warranty. These basic warranties are very limited (in fact most are called “base limited warranties”), in that they will only cover a short time period and are limited only to manufacturer’s parts defect (more on this below).


The next level of warranty typically comes in the form of a registered warranty. These, too, are “limited” and your product has to be registered with the manufacturer within a certain time period to qualify for any extended warranty coverage.


What Most Warranties Don’t Cover


While opting for either the base or registered warranty types help keep you covered within a certain time range, as mentioned above these will only cover the cost of manufacturer’s defected parts. You will still need a professional HVAC company to come and replace those parts, so you’ll have to pay for their labor involved with performing the replacement.


On top of this, if the issue happens to be caused from a poor installation (or by an unlicensed company in some cases), you’ll be out luck on both parts and labor — which may mean the worst case scenario: replacing your replacement air conditioning.


Choose A Licensed, Manufacturer-Trained HVAC Company To Get The Best Warranty


Most manufacturers want to offer the best warranty possible for their products, so to help ensure this they offer product-specific installation and service training to their local HVAC companies.


This training helps eliminate any issues resulting from poor installation practices and keeps your warranty for defective parts fully intact.


On top of keeping yourself covered from installation issues, manufacturer-trained HVAC companies have the ability to offer you extended warranties that can include not only more coverage on parts, but can also include labor as well.


We hope you never need to worry about using your warranty, but in case you do be sure to get the best one possible — it will help you save time & money and help avoid any long, hot summer days this year.

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