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Carolina Climate Control Blog

Deciding On An Air Conditioning Company In Charleston? Look For These 3 Key Factors

With humidity levels rising and the summertime temps knocking on the door, odds are good you’ll be reaching for your thermostat to keep your home at a comfortable level.


The extra strain and workload on your home’s air conditioning system that results might very well trigger a breakdown or other kind of issue that will leave you sitting in a sweltering home.


As you reach for your phone to research HVAC companies in Charleston to help correct your issue or install a new A/C, consider the three key factors listed below before having them come to your home; it very well could save you time & money.


1. Online Reviews & Overall Rating


As you’re Googling or otherwise searching for the right HVAC company, the chances are high one of the first things you’ll take note of is its reviews and overall star rating. Look for HVAC companies with both a high review count and high rating.


Looking for both a high number of reviews and high number of 5-star reviews is a great way to know that they not only provide great service, but have done so consistently for their overall customer-base.


2. HVAC Licensing & Insurance

Looking for licensing & insurance may be difficult to track down just from a general search online, but here in South Carolina you can simply put in a company’s name into their Labor Licensing Regulation website and easily find the active status of their license.


To help our customers find these records, we also place our license number in the footer of our website (all the way at the bottom of our website).


Insurance is something that is highly important and any proper HVAC company will provide their required liability insurance without any hassle or concern. A properly licensed HVAC company should lower your concern over any potential installation or repair issues, but the added insurance gives you an extra layer of protection should anything accidentally go wrong.


3. HVAC Industry Memberships & Local Associations

Another layer of comfort that you can ask your HVAC company about are their status with nationally recognized trade associations and local business associations.


For the HVAC industry, one of the most important trade certifications a company can hold is one with the North American Technician Excellence organization. It’s the nation’s largest nonprofit certification for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians, and requires a company’s technicians to pass real-world tests that verify their knowledge and application of that knowledge in the field.


As for local associations, the Lowcountry Local First organization helps verify businesses are 100% locally owned and operated. This helps ensure both their knowledge of the Lowcountry and different aspects that make it unique and lets you know their commitment to developing and advancing our Lowcountry area.


We hope you can stay cool & comfortable – no matter the season here in the Lowcountry — and if you make sure your HVAC company covers the three items above, you’ll be well on your way to pleasant, worry-free summer in 2020.

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