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5 Facts About Trane HVAC Systems You Need To Know

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

With the increasing number of heating and air conditioning options available to Lowcountry homeowners, it can be a challenge to know what make or model will work best for their particular home setup.


With dozens of brands – each with dozens of makes and models — and more options than ever when it comes to HVAC setups (traditional central A/C, mini-split ductless systems, geothermal, etc.), sorting through all of the information can feel like a daunting task when homeowners plan on replacing their HVAC unit.


With anything you plan on depending on for years to come, you’ll probably start by looking at who is making the product and what they do differently that makes them the right choice.


To help you out, we started by looking at 5 important facts about Mitsubishi ductless systems and today we’re going to look specifically at Trane HVAC systems.


Trane is a brand name that may be the most recognized in the HVAC world and you probably have some familiarity with, but here are 5 important facts that you should know that sets them apart from other manufacturers in industry.


1. Trane Is America’s Most Trusted HVAC Brand 6 Years Running

For 6 consecutive years now — including 2020 — Trane has been recognized as America’s Most Trusted HVAC system by Lifestory Research. Lifestory Research is an independent market research firm that collects thousands of opinions over 12 months in order to generate a trust quotient and star rating system for industry brands.


Among 12 different HVAC brands, Trane came out on top again in 2020 — ahead of competitors such as Carrier, Ruud, Lennox and Rheem just to name a few.


2. Trane Designs, Builds & Tests Its Own Parts

Unlike many other manufacturers, Trane designs, builds and tests most of its own parts it uses in their systems. Other manufacturers often assemble their branded products using parts made from a collective “pool” of mass produced parts from generic factories around the world.


To ensure the level of quality and control over its performance standards, Trane’s engineers have compiled over 1500 heating and cooling patents that they use in the products they produce.


This fine tuning of exclusive technology helps ensure that you, the homeowner, are getting something above and beyond anything else out on the market.

Spine Fin Coils vs Traditional Copper Coils

3. Trane Utilizes Spine Fin All-Aluminum Coils

Among one of those 1500 patents Trane engineers have produced, probably one the most sought after by Lowcountry homeowners is its Spine Fin aluminum coils.


The reason homeowners want or request this type of coil is because of its stronger resistance to corrosion (important for our area), and its higher efficiency compared to other types of coil types.


The unique design also helps prevent clogging from sand, salt, leaves and other obstructions that can cause recurring issues with your HVAC system.


4. Trane Systems Have The Quietest Sound Rating In The Industry

On top of being the most trusted HVAC brand and employing unique engineering standards, Trane systems also have the quietest sound ratings in the industry. If you’ve ever lived in a home, condo or apartment with a loud HVAC system, you know how annoying it is to listen to it during startup and operation.


With our hot and humid summers we have here in the Lowcountry, you can expect your system to run quite a bit more so if you want a system that is felt, but not heard, Trane is a good bet for your Charleston home.


5. Trane Has Its Own Installation & Maintenance Training Program

Trane, like other manufacturers, has its own warranty program for the equipment they produce. However, to offer even better warranties and better installation practices it has its own “Trane Comfort Specialist” program. They only designate the title of Trane Comfort Specialist to qualified local dealers that pass a certain criteria and testing standards.


So when you’re looking at researching local HVAC companies to install your Trane system, be sure to ask if they’ve received the Trane Comfort Specialist designation. That way you know you’re getting the best pricing, warranty, installation and service for your next heating and air system.


(Bonus) Trane Offers Special Financing & Rebates Each Year

When it comes to saving money on your air conditioning installation, Trane runs special promos and deals each year, exclusively through its local HVAC dealers.


These deals include special financing (0% APR for 60 months) and instant rebates like the current Unstoppable Event happening now through May 15th.


During the event, you can get up to $500 in instant rebates on a qualifying Trane system — something that doesn’t happen often, especially during the busy summer season.


As you can tell from what we mentioned above, Trane systems are incredibly engineered, built, tested and give Lowcountry homeowners the level of performance they need year-round here in Charleston.


“It’s Hard To Stop A Trane” isn’t just their tagline, it’s what you will believe when you install one in your Lowcountry home.



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