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HVAC Reviews: Trane ComfortLink™ II XL1050 Smart Thermostat

Monday, January 27th, 2020

We’re living in an age of advanced interconnectivity when it comes to household electronics.

The wave of Internet of Things (IoT) device applications have touched nearly every aspect of our daily lives. From wireless home security systems to automated lighting & switches, to smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, our ability to connect and control our lives is ever increasing.

Not to be left out of this connected age, Trane’s ComfortLink™ II XL1050 throws the HVAC industry’s hat into the smart home device lineup.

As you’ll see below, the XL1050 is one of the most advanced thermostats out on the market and gives homeowners and their local HVAC companies a whole new level of connectivity and control like never before.

What Exactly Is A “Smart” Thermostat?

While we’ve detailed the differences between analog vs. digital type thermostats, you may not know the difference between a digital vs. smart thermostat.

The primary difference between a digital thermostat and a smart thermostat lies in its ability to “learn” and adjust settings based on its inputs. While a regular digital thermostat may have advanced features like programmable schedules, it still heavily relies on user input for normal operation.

A smart thermostat does everything a digital thermostat does programmatically, but takes it to another level by tracking, measuring and adjusting its settings — automatically — to optimize the performance of your home’s heating and air conditioning system.

Essentially, all smart thermostats are digital thermostats but not all digital thermostats are smart thermostats.

How the XL1050 “learns” to optimize performance is by tracking and analyzing data from your home’s HVAC system operation. The system also works with variable speed systems like Trane’s XV20i Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps to optimize temperature and humidity by adjusting compressor & fan speeds — in real-time.

These real-time adjustments ensure not only extremely efficient system operation, but also provide you the most comfortable, reliable air conditions possible.

Next Level, Real-Time Diagnostics

Since the XL1050 receives all of your system’s performance data in real-time for performance optimization, it can also use that data to diagnose any potential issues your system may be have — also in real-time.

This diagnostic data is provided via the Nexia Diagnostics system and dashboard. This diagnostic dashboard can then be used by your local heating and air contractor (with your permission, of course) to assess your system’s health and notify you of any potential issues you may be having.

This data allows your HVAC company to know everything about your system before making any service calls. That means the service call time can be reduced, and also helps avoid any repeat visits to get your system back working again — both of which save you time & money on system maintenance & repairs.

Your Remote Access Smart Home Hub

The XL1050 comes with a built-in Nexia Bridge, making it a quick, plug & play smart home hub for more than just your heating and air conditioning controls.

Using Z-Wave wireless communication technology, you can connect up to 200 different types of smart home devices to your XL1050 that include lights, door locks, smart speakers like Google Home and many, many more.

All of these devices can be controlled via your Nexia app. While controlling your HVAC system comes free with the installation of the XL1050, adding additional smart home devices may require a modestly-priced monthly service subscription. Be sure to ask your local Trane dealer about subscription details.

Large, Full Color 7-Inch Touchscreen Display

For those of you that still like to operate things manually at your physical thermostat device, the XL1050 has you covered — and then some.

It’s large, 7-Inch full color touchscreen display allows you to do everything from small temperature adjustments to quickly viewing things like outdoor temperature, indoor humidity and even air cleaner settings.

You can even set a screen lock on your XL1050 that helps ensure other people don’t make any unwanted changes to your comfort settings.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing a thermostat for your Lowcountry home, there are few options on the market that can beat the Trane ComfortLink™ II XL1050 in features & usability.

At Carolina Climate Control, we’ve installed several of these in Charleston homes and can say that homeowners are always wildly impressed with both the Nexia app/system and the money it potentially saves them via performance optimization.

So if you’re looking at getting an air conditioning replacement here this winter — or anytime this year for that matter — be sure to ask about installing the XL1050; you won’t be disappointed.

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