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Is This Your Heating System’s Last Winter?


We’re already enjoying some pleasant warm weather here in the Charleston area, although there’s no guarantee we won’t have another cold snap before spring arrives. March and April are notoriously temperamental! 

But the warm feeling in the air is a good reason for you to start thinking about keeping your home cool in the coming months. It’s also a good reason to start thinking about the future of your heating system. If you want to replace your current heater, spring is a great time to get it done.

So, is this the last winter for your heating system? Think about its recent performance as well as its age, and you’ll get a clearer picture. We’ll help you below with some of the major ways you can tell your heater is reaching the end.

The heater’s age

Do you know how old your heating system is? You can usually find the manufacture date on its front panel. Here are the service life estimates for the most common heating systems:

  • Gas furnace: 15 years
  • Electric furnace: 20–25 years
  • Heat pump: 10–15 years
  • Ductless mini split heat pump: 10–20 years

If your heating system is approaching the upper end of its service life or has gone past it, we strongly recommend you have it replaced after this winter.

Changes in your heating costs

A heating system that receives regular maintenance will retain 95% of its energy efficiency rating until the last 1-2 years of its service life. When you begin to notice your heating costs rising, and it’s not because of increased use or a change in the cost of gas or electricity, it’s likely a warning that the heater is in a final decline.

Noisy operation

When a heating system starts to make a louder racket than before, it’s probably because the unit is excessively worn down. A single unusual noise often means a repair issue, but noticeable, continual noise means the heater is on its way out.

Too many repairs that cost too much

You shouldn’t need to repair your heating system every year. That’s throwing away money you should direct toward a new system. Any single repair that costs more than half the price of getting a new heater is also too much.

Uneven heating

As a heating system starts to lose its heating capacity, the first sign inside the home will be cold spots. Since the heater cannot generate the same volume of heat, some rooms won’t receive less heated air. For a younger heater, a repair will probably be able to fix this. If the heater is old, however, uneven heating is one of the biggest signs the system is failing and won’t be working much longer. 

If you still feel uncertain about whether to get a new heating system this year or not, the best way to get a solid answer is to work with the pros. Call our technicians today to find out if it’s time for a new heating installation in Mount Pleasant, SC.

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