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4 HVAC Mistakes To Avoid This Spring For Your Home In Charleston

Winter is still in full season here in the Lowcountry, but for today’s post we wanted to start looking ahead to the warmer, humid days of spring which, as we all know, can come up fast here in Charleston.

In one of our last posts, we mentioned why winter may be the best time to replace your air conditioner, so if you’re one of the several dozen homeowners that installed a new system this year, you should be all set for spring 2020.

If you haven’t quite pushed through a replacement project yet or don’t plan on it this winter then you’ll want to make sure you avoid the following common HVAC mistakes this spring; doing so can save you time & money when the temperatures start to climb again in the Lowcountry.

1. Not Scheduling A Maintenance Appointment

Even if you’ve occasionally had to flip on the A/C at some point before our warmer spring temperatures come in full force, we all know the kind of brutal operating conditions our air conditioners experience when those temperatures max out throughout the year.

Knowing this, it’s always important to have an experienced, local HVAC company near you do a thorough maintenance inspection to ensure your system works at its best during our peak warm temperature seasons.

Your HVAC contractor will inspect all components, both mechanical and electrical, and let you know if anything might need replacing. This is key for preventing major breakdowns, which you don’t want to happen when you need it most — spring & summer.

2. Not Signing Up For An Annual Maintenance Plan

While you’ve got your HVAC technician already in your home for the preventative maintenance, you should ask them about signing up for an annual maintenance plan.

With many HVAC companies, signing up for plan means you’ll not only get two annual maintenance inspections (one in the spring and one before winter), but also reduced pricing for replacement parts and labor, priority scheduling for service appointments (in case of a breakdown) and other perks when it comes to maintaining your system.

3. Delaying Air Conditioning Replacement Plans

There could be many reasons to delay getting an A/C replacement, but if you can, avoid doing so this spring.

When summertime hits, Lowcountry HVAC companies tend to be more booked up than normal, so you may end up waiting longer than you’d like to have your system replaced. Springtime is also a busy time of year, but odds are better you’ll be able to get a faster turnaround for a replacement project.

4. Not Searching For The Right Local HVAC Company

If you haven’t contacted an HVAC company for maintenance or replacement yet, be sure to do your due diligence to make sure you’re getting the right HVAC company for your Lowcountry home.

Whether you search online or offline, look for a consistent record of good online reviews and remember to ask your friends, neighbors and colleagues to see which company they’re using.

We hope you stay comfortable the rest of this winter, and if you avoid the above listed HVAC pitfalls we know you’ll have a pleasant spring this year as well.

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