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Why Winter Is The Best Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner In Charleston

With the holiday season almost upon us, we’re sure your thoughts this time of year are focused on family, gifts, get-togethers and other holiday activities that happen this time of year in Charleston.

While you’re putting together your list of things to do this winter it may be a great time for you to add “replace air conditioning” to that list.

This may not seem like the typical thing to put on your holiday agenda, but here are three reasons why it could – and should – be high on your list in 2019 or early in the New Year.

A Chance To Reassess Your Whole HVAC System (And Potentially Save Money)

Depending on what kind of HVAC system setup you have, whether that be a heat pump system, a traditional central air conditioning system and standalone furnace, mini-split A/C or heat pumps, or something different entirely, winter is a great time to do a complete system assessment.

This assessment could lead to new opportunities for your home in Charleston and potentially save you money on your electric bills for years to come.

Special A/C Replacement Offers & Promotions

After you’ve done your HVAC assessment (or have an HVAC company near you do it), there’s a good chance you’ll be able to take advantage of special deals, offers or other HVAC promotions that often come around this time of year.

Holiday deals and specials are very often made available by local HVAC companies to help encourage homeowners to upgrade older, out-of-date systems that may not last much longer. The deals and promotions are a great way for them to see how a new, more efficient system can lower their electricity spending and reap other benefits as well.

Cooler Days Mean Lower Replacement Time Stress (And Sweat)

Finally, replacing your system this time of year means you won’t be sweating while your HVAC team replaces your system.

During the brutal summers in the Lowcountry, HVAC contractors are very often booked solid. This means you may have a some long, hot days while your replacement day comes up on their schedule.

Instead of bearing with those hot days, have your system replaced when temperatures are more reasonable and don’t require your air conditioning to stay comfortable.

We hope that your holiday season plans go well this year in the Lowcountry, and if you add a quick HVAC system replacement to those plans we know you’ll be more than happy throughout the process.

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