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Get Unparalleled Indoor Humidity Control For Your Lowcountry Home With Trane’s Variable Speed Air Handler

Here at Carolina Climate Control, we get a chance to review a lot of the newest HVAC and refrigeration products available on the market. Everything from variable speed air conditioners and heaters to commercial walk in coolers.

With summer quickly approaching and temperature & humidity levels rising, we’d like for you to read about one of best new product combinations we’ve been installing in the Lowcountry this year: Trane variable speed air handlers & smart thermostats.

The variable speed air handlers, together with Trane’s thermostats have been allowing our customers extra control over their indoor humidity levels in their Lowcountry homes.

What Are Air Handlers?

Air handlers are special indoor HVAC equipment used to regulate & circulate air throughout your home. They work in coordination with your outdoor unit of your cooling system, using a “blower” to ensure that the conditioned air from the outside unit reaches every part of your home.

Many air handlers also have air filtration components that remove dust, pollen and other irritants from the air conditioned air of the outside unit.

What Is A “Variable Speed” Air Handler?

Most air handlers operate at one speed or multi-speed (5 speeds, for example) in order to regulate the air in your home. So when you’re adjusting the temperature in your home, your air handler will be blowing air at either one fixed speed or at one of the multi-speed rates depending on the difference between current temperatures and your desired temperature.

The main disadvantage of these types of air handlers are they are wildly inefficient (especially the single speed versions) and make it hard for precise temperatures and humidity levels to be reached. Also, the sound levels while operating can be quite noisy.

Variable speed air handlers offer a continuous range of operating speeds to maximize efficiency and drastically reduce noise while operating.

What Makes Trane’s Air Handlers The Best?

Trane is an industry leader for many innovative products, but for variable speed air handers, the Trane difference is that it uses 14 exclusive patents like its refrigerator-styled insulation between a double wall construction. This construction essentially eliminates sweating and condensation and allows less moisture and dust particles in, improving indoor air quality.

Trane also uses more efficient blowers which reduce carbon emissions and noise while allowing more granular control over humidity.

Trane Thermostats & Diagnostic Monitoring

Bringing all of that together, the Trane XL824 thermostat allows you to precisely control the temperature and humidity in your home remotely, using the Nexia smart home system. Nexia also allows you to send your local HVAC company real-time diagnostics of your system so they’ll be able to catch any maintenance needs and system malfunctions in advance.

The combination of these Trane products really has put many Lowcountry homeowners in total control of their home’s comfort levels; if you’re looking to do the same, feel free to let us know — we’ll be happy to get you the ultimate humidity control for your home.

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