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Let’s Review Common Warning Signs Your AC Need Repairs


Summer is coming, and everyone is excited. One of the most thrilling moments of summer is when you first have to turn your air conditioning system on after many months of it laying dormant. Hearing the AC start up and then feeling cool air blowing from the vents is the signal that yes, it’s really summer!

We want you to continue to enjoy that feeling of cool air through summer. The best way to keep your AC reliable is to arrange for spring maintenance with our team. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to pay attention to any signs that the AC is malfunctioning. The sooner you move to have air conditioning repairs in Summerville, SC, the less likely you’ll have a busted cooling system or an even bigger repair.

We’ll review the most common warnings that you need to call our technicians to check out and fix your AC.

Loud or strange noises

One of the best “early warning systems” from an air conditioner is when it starts making noises you’ve never heard before from it, or if it simply makes more noise than usual. This can point to many different issues: grinding and screeching from a failing motor, hissing and bubbling from a refrigerant leak, clanging and banging from loose parts or a misaligned blower fan. Technicians can diagnose the problem and have it fixed.

Uneven cooling

A central AC is supposed to cool the whole house. You can expect a few temperature fluctuations here and there, but the cooling should still be mostly evenly distributed. When this changes and you notice that some rooms are getting too hot while other parts of the house are fine, it often means the air conditioner is losing its cooling capacity for some reason. Check the air filter first to see if it’s clogged. Then call for expert help.

Humidity changes

Although an air conditioner isn’t a dehumidifier (unless specifically designed with humidity controls), it does have some effect on moisture levels. A malfunctioning AC or faulty ventilation system will cause humidity to change in the house. Don’t ignore this: it can warn of serious problems.

Odd odors

When you first turn on the AC in the summer, you’ll smell some dust getting blown out of the ductwork. This will go away soon. Any other weird smells are a reason for concern. A common warning odor is of dirty socks—this often means there’s mold and mildew growing in the air conditioner. Also watch out for acrid, electric smells, which warn of motors burning out or a faulty control panel.

Rising electric bills

Your electric bills will increase when the AC starts working. That’s normal. An air conditioner uses more electricity than almost any other home appliance. But watch out for bills that go higher than normal, because this is a red flag that the air conditioner has a fault that’s causing it to work harder than normal.

We have the team you need to get your air conditioning fixed, and we offer 24/7 service. We’ll have your home cooling back to normal in no time.

Contact Carolina Climate Control for your AC repair needs 24 hours a day. The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood!

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