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Carolina Climate Control Blog

How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner Unit In Charleston

As with most types of mechanical systems you use on a daily basis, knowing when to replace your air conditioner unit can be obvious, but sometimes it’s not.

While your A/C may still be functioning, outdated or older systems break down frequently and use significantly more energy to maintain your home’s preferred comfort levels.

So when is the right time to replace your A/C unit in your home in Charleston? Here are a few things to examine about your HVAC system before making the decision.

Age of Your Air Conditioner

The typical standard in the HVAC industry for an A/C unit lifespan is about 12 years, and even if your unit is still operational after 12 years, odds are that breakdowns will occur more frequently and energy consumption will be greater — leading to higher energy bills.

Frequent HVAC Issues

As mentioned above, if your A/C unit issues rise in frequency, this is probably a good sign for you to move forward with a new unit, rather than absorbing the costs of A/C repairs.

Also, if the issues are frequent, your hand may be forced to get a new A/C system anyway as there’s a good chance your system will give up completely — leaving you without A/C until a new unit gets into place.

Repair History

Has your system had any major repairs in the last 7-10 years? Major repairs include compressor, condenser coil, or blower motor replacements. If you’ve had 2 or more of these major repairs in that timeframe you may want to start the process of contacting us to scout out a new system for your home.

While replacing your A/C unit may seem challenging, if you take a look at the three items listed above you can be sure that moving forward with a new system is the best solution to keep you cool during the upcoming warm months in Charleston.

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