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HVAC Reviews: The Trane XV20i Variable Speed Air Conditioner

Before we get into the review for this particular model of A/C unit, I’ll be straightforward with you: we love installing Trane HVAC systems so this review may seem a bit bias if you look at it on the surface.

To be honest though, our team has had experience installing every kind of make and model of HVAC system — past & present — and without a doubt, clients who have opted for Trane models have not only experienced longer lifetimes for their units, but also get the most out of their system on a month to month basis with its unparalleled efficiency.

So, why do a review on a product that we’re so obviously partial to?

To verify what we already know: Trane produces — hands down — the best systems on the market.

Here’s why.

Quick Overview of the XV20i

As Trane’s top-of-the-line residential A/C unit, what sets the XV20i apart from the rest is its precision temperature control using variable speed operation. (more on variable speed below).

This precision means less fluctuation of comfort levels throughout your home. Most of our clients with traditional systems will experience comfortable temperatures, with gradually increasing heat & humidity — which then triggers the A/C to turn on to correct the heat & humidity levels.

With the XV20i, the correction is continuous which avoid large temperature swings in your home.

Variable Speed

To continue the point made above, the variable speed feature of the XV20i essentially means your A/C unit will run continuously, correcting the temperature in your home almost instantaneously throughout the day.

Traditional A/C units operate only when the temperature rises above a preset level you choose (whatever you set the thermostat to).

Looking at the raw operation of the two models, it would seem that the traditional A/C unit would use less energy because it’s not running continuously.

However, since the continuous operation of the variable speed XV20i runs at a much lower capacity (because of the smaller temperature swings), it draws significantly less energy versus a traditional unit that will draw large amounts of energy to lower the large temperature swings in your home.


The industry standard of the HVAC industry for efficiency rating is what’s known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

To put it simply, the SEER is the amount of cooling output in a cooling season (summer), divided by the amount of electrical input during the same season. Essentially Output divided by Input.

So, given two systems, the one that gives more Output using the same Input will be more efficient and will have a higher SEER rating.

SEER ratings are represented by a numerical value, which ranges from 13 to 22, typically.

Trane’s XV20i, as you might have guessed, has a SEER rating of 22; one of the highest in the HVAC industry today.

This SEER rating essentially means you’re getting more “bang for your buck”; more cooling output per electrical input.

The Bottom Line

Continuing the efficiency idea above, getting more output out of the energy you consume means you’ll end up using LESS energy with an XV20i to maintain comfort levels during the stifling summer season of the Lowcountry.

Less efficient models require more energy (raising energy bills) to maintain the same level of comfort.

What Customers Say About the XV20i

We are one of the most committed HVAC companies in Charleston when it comes to feedback, as evident by the number of reviews we receive, so we can say, with a fair amount of certainty, that the XV20i dramatically reduces energy bills across the board.

Whether it’s large homes or small homes, the XV20i will help keep more money in your pocket each month by lowering your energy bills.

Here at Carolina Climate Control, we strive to give our customers the most value out of their HVAC system possible. Value can mean many things, but in the HVAC world value means high quality service and products for lower cost. We stand by the products we recommend and install for this reason.

That’s why we know that you’ll be more than happy when you choose the XV20i for your home this summer.

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