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3 More Tips To Help Safeguard Your HVAC System During A Hurricane

Last year when hurricane Irma was bearing down on us we reviewed 3 quick tips you could do help keep your HVAC protected during hurricane season.

This year, with Hurricane Florence knocking on our door, we’ve got some additional advice you can do to help protect your heating and air conditioning system investment.

Elevate Your Outdoor Unit (If Possible)

If you live in a low area and expect flooding to occur, see if it’s possible to have someone elevate your system up off the ground using a small platform, if you don’t already.

Depending on how high water floods around your home, you can have a platform built that will not only keep your system away from potentially harmful water damage, but also helps secure your system to a level, solid surface.

Check Tie-Down Straps and Fasteners

Most professional HVAC installations will include tie-downs or straps for your unit for detrimental weather like hurricanes, however these can loosen, corrode or break over time, depending on when your installation took place.

As you’re covering your unit (as we recommended in last year’s post), be sure to check these straps/tie-downs to ensure they’re in good working condition.

Schedule A Quick Maintenance Appointment

As always with HVAC equipment, your local HVAC contractor will have the best eye for potential ways of safeguarding your HVAC system. Every home/location/installation can be slightly different so having an experienced eye take a quick look can save you some potential headaches after the hurricane moves on and you’re assessing any damage.

Even if Hurricane Florence only glances the Lowcountry, taking these hurricane damage prevention tips and putting them into action can help protect your system for any inevitable storms/hurricanes to come in the future.

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