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Can I Repair My Sump Pump on My Own?


A sump pump is one of the most useful protections a home can have. It’s a small device: a pump installed over or inside an excavated pit (the sump) in the lower part of a house. But this small device does the vital job of pumping out water that can occur from storm weather, plumbing disasters, and moisture build up due to a high water table.

Like any prevention device, a sump pump isn’t any use to you if it’s not working. If you have a broken sump pump, you’ll want it fixed as soon as possible. Can you do that repair on your own? Or will you need professional sump pump repair in Charleston, SC with our team? 

The simple answer is Always go with the pros! We’ll explore this more below as we look into sump pump repair and maintenance.

Some DIY Tips

We recommend you take care of some standard maintenance with your pump before the rainy season starts. This is one way you can help catch repair issues before you actually need the pump working. 

  • Keep the sump clean and remove any sediment that might get pulled into the pipe or the intakes.
  • Run a test of the pump by slowly pouring a bucket of water into the sump to see that the pump activates and removes the water.
  • Check on the battery backup if your pump has one so it will run even in the event of an outage during a storm.

If you find something is wrong and the pump won’t work, you can go through several troubleshooting steps to see if there’s a simple reason behind the problem.

  • Check that the pump is getting power. Its circuit breaker may have tripped.
  • Move the float up and down manually to see if this will cause the pump to activate.
  • Check on the check valve. If this isn’t working, you can replace it yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable with this job, it’s okay to call on a professional.

If you can’t get your pump working again or aren’t certain what’s wrong, then it’s best to call for professionals.

Motor Problems

The most common cause of a sump pump failure is due to issues with the pump motor. If the pump won’t activate no matter what troubleshooting steps you take, then you’ll definitely need experts on the job. You can’t handle repairing the motor on your own or handling a motor replacement. 

Other Electrical Problems

A sump pump can suffer from other electrical issues that will cause it to fail. Submersible pumps, which sit down in the sump, may suffer from water infiltration due to cracks that will affect electrical components. You’ll also need professionals to fix electrical issues.

Failed Pump

A sump pump gets old like any other device, and if your sump pump is more than 15 years in service, then the best choice when it fails is to have it replaced. It’s probably not cost-effective to have it repaired. As with the initial sump pump installation, you’ll want to call experienced professionals to do the sump pump replacement to ensure you have the right model and type.

Call Carolina Climate Control for sump pump repair and other plumbing services. The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood! 

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