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Does Your HVAC Maintenance Plan Include These 3 Key Benefits? (Don’t Be Left In The Cold This Year)

As the end of October is upon us here in the Lowcountry, it’s about that time of year homeowners start to think about the upcoming winter weather season.

Your HVAC system’s heating function starts to become more and more important and something you’ll need to make sure is working right when temperatures really start to dive.

You’d hate to find out too late that you can’t keep your home warm for you and your family which is why we always recommend signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan for your system.

In saying that, though, not all maintenance plans are created equally so even if you have one currently make sure that it contains these 3 key benefits (if not, contact us today) to help ensure you’ll stay comfortable this winter season in Charleston.

No Overtime Charges

This can be a real money-saver. Most HVAC companies will charge extra (on top of current rates) for nights and weekend service calls — something that can compound what could be an already big expense.

When you sign up for a maintenance plan with certain Lowcountry HVAC companies, however, the extra rates won’t be added on, so you’ll pay the standard rates anytime you need service.

Priority Scheduling

Speaking of service calls, as a client that has signed up for a maintenance contract be sure to ask about priority scheduling.

HVAC companies in Charleston can get super busy — nearly year-round — so getting an early appointment with your chosen heating and air company can be a challenge.

To help ensure you get closer to the front of the line, priority scheduling for having an active maintenance plan should definitely be on your priority list.

Bi-Annual HVAC Inspection

Any maintenance plan worthwhile should always include at least two thorough system inspections per year. One inspection being for the spring (to prep for our long, humid summers) and another in the fall to make sure your system is ready for any kind of cold weather we could face here in the Lowcountry.

As that cold weather approaches Charleston in November, we hope you stay warm and comfortable and by making sure your HVAC maintenance plan has the 3 important benefits above we’re sure you will. (Among the many things we here at Carolina Climate Control already offer 🙂 )

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