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How To Save Money On Air Conditioning Repair, Service & Installation In Charleston

As local temperatures and humidity start to creep into our usual summertime balmy levels here in Charleston, so to, comes the increased strain on our air conditioning systems.

Whether you have a traditional central A/C, ductless mini-split system or even geothermal cooling, this is about the time of year your HVAC gets a bit more attention that you might want.

Unfortunately that extra attention on your HVAC can come with extra cost as well.

If something does happen with your HVAC and you have to dole out some extra dollars to have it repaired, replaced or serviced below are some quick tips that can save you time & money when it’s time to give your local HVAC company near you a call this year.

Saving Money On AC Repair & Service

We go into more detail in this post about money saving tips for HVAC service calls, but if you need to have your system repaired or serviced, it’s good to have the following information for your HVAC company ready:


  • System Make & Model
  • System Age (Approximate)
  • Service Call History


Even if you have a few of the above notes about your system’s information & history, it can save your HVAC tech a ton of time troubleshooting your issue. That extra time can sometimes save you extra money when it comes to the final service/repair bill, so try to have that information on hand before calling your heating and air company.

The other major thing you can do is to sign up for a maintenance plan for your system after getting it repaired or serviced. Maintenance plans typically come with decreased pricing on both replacement parts and labor — every little bit adds up, so be sure to ask your HVAC company about their benefits of an HVAC maintenance plan.

Saving Money On AC Installation or Replacement

If your HVAC system is past its prime and a new system or replacement is in the stars for 2020, there are ways to keep what is usually a high price tag, as low — or differed — when you move forward with your project.

Many area homeowners receive rebates from our local electric companies when they go with higher efficiency air conditioning systems, so be sure to ask your provider about system requirements before you start your installation.

Besides rebates, most HVAC companies also have some sort of finance offer (details often change with the season/promotion), which allows you to pay off your new system over time with little or no interest.

While financing doesn’t necessarily lower your overall cost, it does keep it from stinging all at once, which can benefit many Lowcountry homeowners’ monthly budgets.

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