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Top 5 Tips to Finding A Reliable HVAC Contractor In Charleston

Your home’s comfort depends on finding the right HVAC contractor. To keep your heating and cooling system running at its best, hiring an HVAC professional is imperative in South Carolina.



An HVAC contractor has expertise in a wide range of heating and cooling issues. They recommend the most appropriate model for each home. In addition, they provide detailed information on energy efficiency to help homeowners reduce their utility bills.



These reasons and many others make choosing the right HVAC contractor essential. In this article, you’ll learn the top five tips for finding a reliable and trustworthy contractor for all your HVAC needs.



1. Get Referrals and References



References and referrals are the best sources of information about a company. 



In order to determine whether they are capable of completing the task, ask about their references and the experiences past customers have had. You can also find out how their services stack up against the competition by speaking to others who have used them.



You should receive rave reviews from your family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else in your neighborhood when mentioning the name of an HVAC company. 



When you encounter an issue with your heating or air conditioning, you will want to hire a company of that caliber. Not a company that people have horror stories about.



The company you hire should also have a long list of positive online reviews from recent customers in your area. When people both online and in-person praise a business, you know that it is the real deal.



2. Check Licensing and Insurance Before You Hire



Each and every professional hired should be asked this question. You never want to allow unlicensed, uninsured contractors to service your home. 



Not only do you run the risk of inexperienced people working on your HVAC system; but when a worker who is hurt and unable to work for two years does not have workers’ compensation, it means you are liable for their medical bills as well as their lost wages.



Furthermore, your standard homeowners insurance or landlord liability insurance can’t protect you in these cases. In many cases, these policies do not cover damage caused by the use of unlicensed or illegal contractors.



Credentials should be checked for authenticity. On the Labor Licensing Regulation website, you can look up any contractor’s license number to ensure that it is valid. In this way, you can verify that they are legitimate and have been performing HVAC work for some time.



Legitimate contractors will not shy away from sharing their credentials. Additionally, if they lack a professional website-don’t hire them! No online business presence is a huge red flag for shady contractors.



3: Look for Certification



Generally, tradespeople will be able to obtain different certifications as proof that they’re trustworthy. Just like in other trades, this is also true in the HVAC industry.



North American Technician Excellence certification is held by the best heating & air conditioning companies in the country. The HVAC company’s technicians are required to earn these certifications after going through rigorous testing in real-life conditions.



If you are ever unsure if an HVAC company holds any important trade certifications, like NATE, don’t hesitate to ask. Should they not have proof of certification, it’s best not to hire them.



4: Get Honest Quotes & Estimates Upfront, In-Person



An HVAC company that provides estimates over the phone could be a red flag. A technician cannot fully grasp any system, problem, or space via the telephone. 



Service needs vary based on many factors, including duct work, insulation, etc. Professionals understand that a complete assessment must be conducted in person. The company should be willing to invest the time and effort necessary to properly inspect your home and provide you with a written estimate.



When an HVAC company pulls any of these tricks on you, it’s a good sign that you’re dealing with a company that’s not worth your time. 



Many contractors will quote you a price with no hidden costs or fees. They’ll have all sorts of hidden fees worked into their pricing model, though, and you might not always know what those are until you start working with them. 



When negotiating, be sure to ask the contractors for a breakdown of all their costs. Gathering a few quotes from different companies is always a good idea for estimate comparisons.



5: Get Value For Your Money



The cheapest option is not always the best. Sometimes, it is worth paying more for a product or service because you will get more for your money. This goes for HVAC systems, too. 



The wrong size, the wrong brand, or the wrong model can be inefficient and costly. Saving money up front with an inferior system can end up being an expensive mistake in the long run.



While purchasing an inferior system or hiring inexperienced contractors may seem like a smart business move at the time, in the long run, it will cost you more. If you hire inexperienced contractors, they may buy inferior materials or improperly install your system. 



If you opt for an inferior system, it may be difficult to retrofit older buildings or buildings with a complicated layout. 



A third type of problem, botched installations, must be fixed. 



Carolina Climate Control will ensure that you get the most affordable, reliable HVAC solution whether you need an air conditioner repair, a heating installation service, or an HVAC maintenance check-up



Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation for a quote.


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