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Make Your Guests Feel At Home This Thanksgiving With These 4 Quick HVAC Tips

We’re a little over a week away from Thanksgiving 2017, and with holiday plans already coming into place for many families here in the Lowcountry, one item that often gets overlooked before holiday get-togethers is making sure your HVAC system is in tip-top shape.

The nightmare scenario would be for you to have a house full of guests, ready to start carving that turkey and then the heat and/or air conditioning suddenly goes out — leaving everyone uncomfortable as they enjoy the hardwork of your well-prepared meal.

Another thing that may go unnoticed to you but your guests may notice is the air quality in your home. Since you’re there everyday, you may not be aware if there’s something awry with the air in your home, but guests coming over with their fresh senses may pick up on it as soon as they enter your home.

So how can you avoid such scenarios?

Here are 4 simple tips you can do with your heating and air conditioning system that will make sure your holiday guests stay comfortable this Thanksgiving.

1. Tackle The Dust

While cleaning is always a must before entertaining guests, be sure to do a thorough cleaning of the dusty areas around your home, even the ones that are out-of-sight to your guests.

The idea is that the more you clean up the dust manually, the less it can get into the air and work its way into your HVAC system. You won’t be able to get 100% of the dust, but really paying attention to those hard-to-reach areas can make a big difference to your home’s overall air quality.

2. Cleanup Your Air Vents

Now that you’ve done a thorough dusting around your home’s main living areas, turn your attention to your air vents. These areas can be some of the least clean spots in your home and the accumulation of dust and other particles can really degrade your home’s air quality.

Be sure to remove the vents completely and wash/wipe both sides thoroughly as dust almost always accumulates on the front and back of them.

3. Swap Out Your Air Filters

With the bulk of your dusting/cleaning out of the way, now you can go ahead and change out your air filter. During the process of cleaning you probably kicked up a lot of dust and particles that most likely made their way into your air filter.

Changing out your air filters can not only help with your home’s air quality, but it also helps your HVAC system work more efficiently. Not having to push your conditioned air through a jammed up filter keeps the strain down on your system that ultimately helps extend the lifetime of your unit.

4. Get A Quick HVAC Tune-Up

Last, but certainly not least, getting a quick HVAC tune-up from a local heating and air company can go a long way in keeping your mind at ease from thinking about HVAC disasters this Thanksgiving.

A simple, thorough tune-up of your system includes: a thermostat check, airflow checks, duct inspection, capacitor testing, safety control tests, compressor operation check and many more checks that allow your HVAC company to identify any potential issues and avoid any major breakdowns over the holidays.

Overall, ensuring your guests stay comfortable this Thanksgiving is quite easy; follow the steps laid out above and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is what to do with the leftovers!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Lowcountry!

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