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What To Look For When Researching HVAC Contractors In Charleston

Navigating the waters for finding the best HVAC company in Charleston can be difficult.

With our warmer climate here in the Lowcountry and the absolute need for air conditioning during the summer, there are literally dozens of HVAC contractor options in our area. A quick Google search will show you the seemingly endless number of companies out there to choose from.

Having so many options is definitely favorable for Lowcountry homeowners & business owners, but can also represent a challenge when deciding which will be the best fit for your particular HVAC setup.

To help you out with your research, here are 5 vital points to take into consideration when picking your next heating and air conditioning company.

1. Online & Offline Reviews

Upon doing your online search mentioned above, you’re going to run into a slew of review platforms offering feedback from customers of those businesses. Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Facebook; there are endless places online that allow homeowners to voice their opinion, so take your time with this part of the process. Remember not to just look at quality of the reviews, but also the quantity when deciding.

If reviews aren’t giving you any clear winners, do your best to ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues or anyone else that you know that’s recently used the companies you’re eyeing. Getting direct feedback from customers can go along way and you may learn more than you might see online.

2. Licensing & Insurance

In the state of South Carolina, HVAC companies have to carry a mechanical contractor license to be in business. This is a way of protecting home and business owners so the work the company does is safe & within updated code of the state. You can easily lookup the contractor in question here.

On top of licensing, make sure the company carries enough insurance to cover any unexpected loss due to installation or service. If they don’t you could have to foot a sizeable bill if they do any damage.

3. Certifications & Manufacturer Approval

State licensing is a requirement, but to be even more sure of their expertise check out if the HVAC company’s technicians have gone through the NATE Certification. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. Technicians must pass a series of real-world tests & competency exams to get this certification, so this adds a layer of comfort for you when selecting a company with NATE certified technicians.

Another form of testing, each HVAC equipment manufacturer has their own way of ensuring their equipment is being installed properly. Trane’s’ Comfort Specialist program & Mitsubishi’s Diamond Contractor status are two such examples.

4. Portfolio Of Work

The proof is in the pudding. Many of those same review platforms above also offers places for customers to upload project photos, so you can take some time and look at their actual work first-hand.

In addition to this, should you know anyone who has had a new air conditioner installed recently by said company, the next time you visit their home or business, ask if you can take a look at the installation.

5. Deals, Promos & Other Offers

If you’ve made it this far and you’re about to pick from a few different HVAC companies, check out their current deals, offers or other promos. This time of year you can get great financing deals on new systems and even discounts on parts & labor when you sign up for annual maintenance plans.

We know that’s quite a lot to go over & review, but doing your due diligence and knowing more about your A/C system are key to getting a great installation or repair service, at a fair price, with the right company.

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