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Important Reminder: Your Heat Pump Need Twice-Yearly Maintenance


Do you have a heat pump? Then you’re in good shape for your home’s year round comfort needs, from the coldest winter night to the hottest summer day.

However, your heat pump needs regular attention to ensure that it’s in good shape—so it can keep your home in good shape. Any HVAC system needs at least annual maintenance. However, a heat pump needs it twice a year!

Why Heat Pumps Have This Requirement

The recommendation for twice-a-year maintenance for heat pumps, as opposed to once a year for traditional air conditioners or heating systems, is mostly because heat pumps have a dual function. Unlike standalone heating or cooling systems, heat pumps serve both purposes throughout the year. 

A heat pump changes between modes by reversing the refrigeration cycle. The important part to remember here is that a heat pump works almost exactly the same whether in cooling or heating mode—and it therefore uses all the same components. The two modes will place different types of stress on a heat pump, but you can expect a similar kind of wear and tear throughout the year.

What Can Happen If You Maintain a Heat Pump Only Once a Year

If you only maintain a heat pump once a year instead of the recommended bi-annual maintenance, you can expect to run into several issues.

  • Reduced Efficiency: Heat pumps rely on efficient heat exchange to operate effectively. Over time, dust, dirt, and debris will accumulate on coils and filters, making it harder for the system to absorb and release heat. Reduced efficiency will lead to higher energy bills as the heat pump works harder to reach the desired temperature.
  • Shortened Lifespan: Regular maintenance helps to identify and address minor heat pump issues before they worsen into major problems. Without regular bi-annual care, components will wear out faster and lead to the heat pump failing years too early. You can expect 10–15 years from a heat pump, but you’ll shave off years without twice-yearly maintenance. 
  • Higher Breakdown Risk: Neglecting regular maintenance increases the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Components that aren’t inspected and maintained regularly may fail, leaving you without heating or cooling when you need it most.
  • Warranty Issues: Many manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Failing to adhere to this schedule may void the warranty, leaving you responsible for repair or replacement costs.

Join the Moose Maintenance Club

Getting great bi-annual heat pump maintenance is easier done than said! You only have to join the Moose Maintenance Club, which we designed especially for our valued customers. As a member, you’ll receive a twice-yearly 36-point system checkup for your heat pump that will keep it running efficiently for many years. You’ll also receive special bonuses as a thank you for choosing us:

  • 15% discount for any necessary repairs
  • No overtime charges (diagnostic rates still apply)
  • Priority scheduling
  • We’ll do the scheduling for you so you won’t forget!

Get ready to get a jump on spring and schedule your heat pump maintenance with us today. When it comes to heat pumps in Mt. Pleasant, SC, you can always depend on us!

Rely on Carolina Climate Control when it’s time for HVAC maintenance. The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood! 

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