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Have A Small Or Home-Based Office? Here’s The AC You Should Install

At work, you’re juggling deadlines, bouncing between Zoom meetings, and attempting to stay on top of the emails flooding into your inbox. The last thing you need is a hot and stuffy office to distract you from your long to-do list.

One study found that when the temperature rose just one degree, employee absenteeism rose 5%. Keeping your office cool is key for comfort and productivity at work.

As the temperatures start to climb, make sure your office stays cool and comfy so that you can focus on staying productive this summer.

For many small or home-based, a ductless AC system is a smart choice that will keep you cool without any of the costly repercussions or nuisances of other alternatives. Read on to learn more about why a ductless AC system might be best for you.


What Is A Ductless AC System?

Ductless AC systems, also referred to as ductless mini splits, have an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor unit.

The indoor unit is typically mounted on a wall, just above eye level. With a three-inch hole punched through an outdoor wall, a conduit connects the indoor unit to the outdoor compressor.

Other common options for cooling single rooms in buildings without ductwork include window AC units and portable units. Both of these options are loud and less visually pleasing than a ductless system.

Because the ductless system keeps the compressor unit fully outdoors, you won’t have to worry about noise or a clunky machine taking up space in your office.

Some models can connect multiple indoor units to one outdoor unit, meaning that you can cool multiple zones without installing ductwork. Each unit has its own thermostat, helping to minimize hot and cold spots throughout your home or office.

Ductless AC systems have a lifespan of 12-15 years, making them comparable to the lifespan of central air conditioning all while costing much less.


Why Is A Ductless AC System Right for My Office?

There are a number of reasons why a ductless AC system might be right for your office.


Ductless AC systems are a great option if:

  • You live or work in a building without ductwork installed
  • Your central AC is expensive to run
  • You want to focus on cooling one room
  • You need a more flexible option than central AC
  • You are focused on reducing your carbon footprint


When you’re focusing on cooling one room at a time, there are a couple of options, including window units and portable air conditioners.

However, window AC units require a window for installation and block out light. They are also less efficient than ductless systems.

Portable AC units are loud and the exhaust pipe can be an eyesore, which isn’t ideal when you are creating an environment that’s optimized for productivity.

For a quiet, efficient, and effective solution that can be installed at minimal cost, a ductless AC system is the best option.



Benefits of a Ductless AC System

For most single-room offices, a ductless AC system keeps the temperature cool without excessive installation costs, disruptive noise while operating, or skyrocketing electric bills.

Here are some of the benefits of a ductwork system for a small office.


No Ductwork Needed

If you do not already have ductwork installed in your home or office, the cost is likely something you are looking to avoid. Installation and maintenance of ductwork are costly. It also requires cutting holes in walls, floors, and ceiling making it more of a construction project than a simple installation.

Not only is ductwork expensive to install, but it’s also inefficient. On average, ductwork systems lose 25% to 40% of their cooling or heating capacity due to leaks and heat conduction.


Flexible and Affordable

Because ductless AC systems only require cutting a small hole in an exterior wall, the installation is far more flexible and affordable than other solutions.

Ductless AC installation costs up to 50% less than central AC installation. One three-inch hole is needed to attach the indoor unit to the outdoor unit, making for minimal installation costs.


Quiet Operation

Portable air conditioners, a common solution for many single-room offices, have a noise level of up to 60 decibels. That’s equivalent to the noise level of a normal conversation. This much noise can be disruptive when you’re on a call or focusing on a detailed task.

On the other hand, ductless systems have a noise level closer to 30 decibels, or the sound of leaves rustling. This makes them perfect for an office environment.


Improved Air Quality

The quality of the air you’re breathing indoors is more important than you might realize. Indoor air pollution contributes to millions of deaths per year. A ductless AC system filters air with a HEPA filter rather than running air through an old and dusty ductwork system.

You can breathe easier knowing that you are reducing health risk. Additionally, a Harvard study found that improved air quality has been proven to increase productivity and cognitive ability for workers.



ENERGY STAR-certified ductless systems use modern fans and compressors making them more efficient than other cooling systems. Some models also use infrared sensors to adjust the temperature based on the room’s occupancy.

This means that cooling your room with a ductless system can cost 30% less than conventional air conditioners. This lessens your electric bill and your carbon footprint.



Find the Right Ductless AC System For You

When you’re searching for the right AC system for you, the first step is to identify which kind of AC system is right for you. But once you’ve decided on a ductless system, you will want to make sure you find the right one.

Mitsubishi units are commonly hailed as the best on the market. With Mitsubishi, you can pair multiple indoor units using one outdoor unit.

Look for an HVAC company that is a Mitsubishi Diamond Certified contractor. Diamond Certified contractors undergo special training from the manufacturer and are able to provide an extended warranty on all parts.



Cool Your Office With a Ductless System Today

Carolina Climate Control is proud to be Mitsubishi Diamond Certified and has a 5-star customer rating. Whether it’s HVAC installation or AC maintenance, you are in the hands of the pros.

For a free estimate from the best ductless AC company in the Lowcountry, contact us today!

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