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5 Important Facts You Should Know About Mitsubishi Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems

With many homeowners in the Lowcountry moving over to ductless air conditioning systems, we often get asked: “Which brand or manufacturer makes the best ductless A/C unit?”

While there are several options out on the market, overall for its combination of long-lasting performance, cost, innovative technology, and aesthetically-pleasing indoor units, we definitely feel the Mitsubishi ductless systems outpace most of the other serious competition out there.

We’ve already reviewed their best, most popular model, but below are 5 more important facts you should know about Mitsubishi Electric’s mini-split air conditioners.

1. They’re Up To 40% More Efficient Than Traditional Systems

Instead of the conventional on/off operation, Mitsubishi A/C’s run at a continuous, low-energy level that helps both maintain a constant comfort level and keeps the energy use down during its operation.

2. They Can Adjust Their Operation Based On Room Occupancy

Using its unique 3D i-see infrared sensor (available on select models), Mitsubishi ductless systems can adjust their temperature and airflow settings based on the heat signatures in the room. So when people enter or leave a room, it optimizes its operation to avoid any hot/cold spots in that room or zone.

3. They Can Be Controlled Remotely

Mitsubishi’s Kumo Cloud application can connect your indoor units via Wi-Fi and allow you to operate your system on your phone, tablet, or PC from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can group multiple zones together for one-touch on/off or temperature adjustments and even control units you have installed in different homes or properties.

4. They Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Advanced, multi-stage filtration helps capture and help remove anything in the air in your home that might trigger allergies, asthma other things that may impact your indoor air quality.

On select models, they even have a platinum deodorizing filter, which uses nanotechnology to absorb smells and odors in your home.

5. Best When Installed By A Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

Any type of HVAC system should be installed by a heating and air conditioning professional, but it’s especially important with ductless systems. Setting up multiple zones, matching the equipment to each zone, and properly installing a Mitsubishi mini-split A/C are all vital to you getting the most out of your new system.

Good thing for you, Mitsubishi has its Diamond Contractor program which helps ensure HVAC companies near you go through the proper training on their equipment and reach other important goals that allow you to know that company can best handle your ductless installation.

HVAC companies with the Diamond Contractor status can also offer you the best pricing and warranties on Mitsubishi systems.

With countless ductless systems already installed in the Charleston area, we know the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to different brands & installations.

You can see by the 5 facts we listed about Mitsubishi systems above, when you choose their mini-split systems you know you’ll be getting the best ductless air conditioning solution for your Lowcountry home.

If you need help with your Mitsubishi ductless installation, Carolina Climate Control in Charleston, SC is a certified Diamond Contractor as reviewed above — so you can be sure you’ll be getting the highest quality air conditioning installation to match your high-quality heating and air equipment.

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