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How to Tell If You Need Professional Sewer Cleaning


You probably rarely think about the sewer line for your home, but it’s an essential part of maintaining a hygienic house. Sewer trouble is big trouble for your home, and will quickly make it unlivable. 

There are several problems that can affect your sewer line, and one of the most common is when the pipe becomes so clogged that it starts to back up. Fortunately, you can often detect signs that you need professional sewer cleaning in Charleston, SC before the serious troubles start. We’re going to go over some of the major warning signs to watch for that will tell you it’s time to give us a call and get your sewer line scrubbed out!

Frequent Drain Clogs

If it always seems like you’re battling drain clogs in your house, it may be a warning that you’ve got a more significant issue deeper in the drains—such as in the sewer line. Accumulated debris, grease, or even tree roots can obstruct the flow of wastewater and create these blockages. 

Slow Drains

Slow drainage in multiple fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, or toilets is another common sign of a blocked sewer that needs cleaning. If it’s only occurring in one drain, that’s likely a local clog in the drainpipe that you can correct with a plunger, drain snake, or the help of a plumber. But if it’s occurring in drains all around the house, you’ve got sewer troubles.

Foul Odors

Nobody likes their house to smell like a sewer! When this starts to happen, see if the source of the smell is coming from your drains. This is one of the biggest signs of a clogged-up sewer pipe. What’s happening is that the blockage is pushing foul-smelling sewer gases in the wrong direction, and it’s coming up through the drains. 

Gurgling Drains

This is related to the problem with foul odors. The p-trap in your drains (the curved section of pipe directly under the drain) contains water to block sewer gases from moving in the wrong direction. If the sewer line is clogged, the gases will push through the water in the p-trap and create this gurgling sound. 

Water Backups

This is when water starts to come up through drains at odd times. Perhaps the most common example is when you flush the toilet in a bathroom, and then water comes up through the drain in the bathtub. What’s happening here is that the pressure from the clogged sewer line is redirecting wastewater up through other drains. Call for help right away when this starts to occur.

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you schedule sewer cleaning as soon as you notice these issues. You can’t clean your sewer line on your own (certainly not by pouring chemical drain cleaners down all the drains!); you’ll need professionals like ours.

We use powerful scouring tools that allow us to fully clean the sewer line so that it not only solves immediate problems, it helps to prevent the sewer line from becoming clogged again in the near future. Regular sewer cleaning also helps prevent early sewer line deterioration. 

When you’ve got plumbing trouble, you can always trust Carolina Climate Control. The Moose Is Loose in Your Neighborhood!

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