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Carolina Climate Control Blog

Stay Cool in Charleston

There’s just no doubt about it – the folks down here in the Lowcountry have another H O T summer underway so far in 2022. And it’s not just the heat – the humidity’s off the charts as well. You need a plan to stay cool in Charleston this year – and we’ve got some great tips!

How to Stay Cool in Charleston

Change Your Air Filters

Your HVAC unit requires an efficient, clean, well maintained duct system in order to distribute the cooling air you need to stay cool in Charleston this summer. If you haven’t changed your filters since winter… it’s time.

A clean filter will help ensure your whole home stays cool… and will also save you some money in the process.

Run Your Fans

Ceiling fans and box fans don’t actually reduce the temperature of a room – in fact, if they’re dirty or old, they can actually increase the temperature. However, their ability to keep the air continuously moving can:

  • Help your body’s natural cooling mechanisms function
  • Equalize the temperature of the air in the room

Since hot air rises and cold air falls, the air will be warmer on the second floor or around the ceiling. A ceiling fan pushes this warm air back down, displacing the cool air on the ground and creating an all-around more comfortable temperature in the room. And don’t worry – running your ceiling fans constantly won’t cost you much more money. In fact, it might even help you to save money since you’ll be more comfortable (which means less AC adjustments) and you won’t be stressing your HVAC system as much.

Draw the Curtains

A simple, easy, and effective trick to beat the heat is to draw the curtains in your home. Doing so keeps the heating rays from the sun from entering your home, lowering the temperature.

Check Your Appliances

Old and high energy appliances can run hot – very hot. TVs, computers, refrigerators, and heavy-duty indoor lights can raise the temperature of your home. Consider keeping them off when they’re not in use – and be sure to clean their fans as well.

Get Your HVAC System Checked

If your AC system is running well, you might not pay it any mind. However, it’s important to get it checked periodically to make sure you are staying ahead of any issues. Prevention is the best cure – so let Carolina Climate Control do what we do best, and check out your system.

We Hope You Stay Cool in Charleston This Year!

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