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3 Things You Should Do In Case Of An AC Emergency In Charleston

With the summer days marching in, you need an air conditioner that can help power through the hot months. It becomes an absolute necessity in the Lowcountry.

As those temperatures climb, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down.

If an AC emergency pops up, you need to take action. Today, we look at the actions to take when you encounter an AC emergency during the summer months.



What Counts as an AC Emergency?


Think about what would count as an air conditioner emergency. In this case, check the problems within the air conditioning unit if it warrants assistance and repair right away. In some cases, the repair might also be something that would need more than a simple DIY fix.

The following instances are the ones that qualify as an air conditioner emergency. Check your air conditioner unit if you encounter these situations.



Your AC Ceases to Work


For this situation, your AC would not work even with every attempt possible. It should blow cooled air but it doesn’t. In such cases, there might be a component inside the unit that’s not working as intended.

In this case, there might be a damaged or malfunctioning part. In such cases, you might want to see what’s going wrong with the AC unit itself. It might be as simple as a broken fan or something more sinister, like a total unit breakdown.



Your AC Has Electrical Issues


If you tried using your AC and it causes your circuit breaker to trip every time, it’s a problem you must fix right away. The same goes for moments when you catch a whiff of something burning when you use the AC. Even more when the lights go dim after turning the AC on.

Electrical issues are among the problems that warrant urgent attention. For that, you need help from an AC repair service as soon as possible.



Your AC Causing Water Damage


Your AC unit may also cause water damage due to certain factors. It involves excess moisture and water condensate leaking from the system. It attracts various forms of problems that may prove catastrophic if left alone.

For instance, you may end up promoting mold growth within the span of 24 hours. It can also attract pests due to the excess moisture. The damage extends not only to your HVAC system but also to other parts of your home.



What to Do During an Air Conditioner Emergency


Noting these AC emergencies, you might end up reaching for the phone to call an AC repair service. Before you do that, do these steps and see whether you can address the issue right away or you can find out the cause. The latter helps make the professionals’ jobs easier and more accurate.



1. Check the Air Filter and Air Passages

Your first target is the air filter. It’s the part that accumulates the most dust and debris over time. Having blockage on the filter or the air passages prevents the cold air from traveling to the various areas in your home.

It’s one of the easier areas that you can fix. You can do so by cleaning up or replacing the air filter. The good thing is that it can also improve your indoor air quality.

Once you replace the filter, try to run the AC once again. If you can feel the cold air circulating in the room, it means you fixed the problem.

Check the air passageways as well. If you notice anything blocking them, clean them out first.



2. Check the Circuit Breakers

The usual reason for these circuit breakers to cause issues is due to power surges. When that happens, check the breaker box and check the levers if they point in the correct direction.

Do this breaker reset once. If it trips again when you run your AC unit, it’s the cause of the electrical problem. For this, you need a professional AC repair team to help rectify the issue.



3. Scout for Signs of Refrigerant Leaks

When looking for leaks, take note of these signs. One of these is the ice buildup on the exterior pipes. Another sign is the minimal amount of cool air flowing through the vents.

If you notice these signs, your unit has a refrigerant leak problem. Refrigerant leaks require expert attention.

Handymen aren’t enough if you want to fix this specific issue. Instead, call an HVAC specialist in Charleston.



When to Call the Professionals for Help?

Taking these actions may help in repairing the unit. Some may fix the problem straight away. Others might need an HVAC professional to repair them.

The good thing is that some professional HVAC services can help outside of regular business hours. It’s what makes them the best choice for AC emergencies.

While you wait for the AC to come back in working condition, make sure to use other contingencies. You can use fans to cool down or visit a friend or relative with air conditioning.

If necessary, step out of the house and spend time outside. Explore and try other ways to cool down while professionals fix your AC unit.



Know What to Do in an AC Emergency

When an AC emergency occurs, take these actions to prevent any other issues from happening.

For that, we have the services you need. We can help with AC service and repair, as well as other services concerning your HVAC system. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started with your HVAC needs.

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