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Carolina Climate Control Blog

Important Notification of SEER2 Changes

Starting on January 1, 2023, major changes will go into effect regarding the energy efficiency and manufacturing requirements for residential HVAC equipment. We want to keep all our customers informed about this change, which is called SEER2, and how it will affect equipment prices and availability. 

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is implementing Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating 2 (SEER2) in 2023 to improve testing and overall energy efficiency performance of air conditioning and heating systems. Manufacturers must meet the new testing requirements with a redesign of equipment, mandating higher minimum efficiency levels. In the Southeast region of the United States, which includes South Carolina, the minimum SEER requirement for air conditioning systems will rise from 14.0 SEER to 15 SEER (which will be designated as 14.3 SEER2), and heat pumps must meet 14.3 SEER2 (15.0 SEER) and 7.5 HSPF2 (8.8 HSPF).

What does this mean for you as a customer? We won’t be legally allowed to sell existing SEER equipment after January 1, 2023. There will also be a 20%–30% increase in equipment costs rather than a standard 8%–10% increase that would come from simply raising SEER requirements. If you are not currently looking to replace your existing HVAC system, SEER2 may have no immediate effect on you. If you think you may need to install a new AC or heat pump, we recommend that you call us today for more details and arrange for an upgrade before price increases affect your home’s heating and cooling costs.

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