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Carolina Climate Control Blog

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Replacing Your Air Conditioning In Your Charleston Home

With temperatures still quite high here in the Lowcountry, many Charleston homeowners are going through the process of replacing their air conditioning in their homes and/or businesses.

Extra long use at maximum operation this time of year puts extra stress and strain on your HVAC system and if your system is underperforming or outright stops working, moving forward with a replacement will most likely be high on your list.

Before moving forward with that new system installation, however, below are some common mistakes to avoid that can save you both time and money and possibly provide new ways of getting the most out of your new HVAC system.

1. Waiting Too Long To Replace Your HVAC

If you’re one of the lucky ones that moved forward with a replacement before your system completely breaks down, you’re already ahead of the curve and can move on to mistake number two below.

On the other side of that, if you’ve waited too long to move forward with a replacement, then you’re probably going to face some warm days/nights until you can get a Lowcountry HVAC company to come out and assess your replacement.

2. Not Doing Your HVAC Company Homework

Now if you’ve already made mistake number one above, then there’s a good chance in your rush to get a replacement that you might make mistake number two: not doing your HVAC company research.

Not all HVAC companies are the same — choosing one without doing research can lead to you getting a poor replacement or possibly even overpaying for one.

Read online reviews, ask your friends on Facebook, check out their Yelp listing and even their BBB rating.

Also make sure they’re N.A.T.E. certified and insured and licensed in the state of South Carolina.

Not doing this research can lead to more time and money wasted in the long run so be sure to not make this mistake during your replacement process.

3. Not Researching Different/New Types of HVAC Systems

Many homeowners like simplicity — they simply get the latest model of whatever system they had previously and move forward.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (especially if you had good performance before the replacement) you could be missing out an opportunity to get even better results with newer types of systems.

Two types of systems that are growing in popularity here in Charleston are the ductless mini-split systems and geothermal heating and cooling systems.

The popularity around ductless systems involves eliminating the ductwork needs that plague many Lowcountry homeowners. Cleaning & replacing ductwork can be a pain, so installing a ductless system is a very desirable choice for a growing number of Charleston residents and property managers.

Geothermal heating and cooling on the other hand has the appeal of huge monthly energy savings and extra long equipment lifespans.

Using the naturally steady temperature of the ground beneath your home, a geothermal system can both cool and heat your home throughout the year, using a fraction of the electricity versus a traditional unit.

These systems also can last almost 10-15 years longer than traditional units so replacement cost and frequency goes down dramatically, saving additional thousands of dollars in the long run.

4. Not Signing Up For A Maintenance Plan

Once you’ve settled on a company and have them install your new system, it’s all about getting your money’s worth out of it — and that starts and ends with maintenance.

Signing up for a maintenance plan right away after replacement ensures that your system not only consistently performs at peak operation, but also helps ensure the full potential of your system’s lifespan.

Longer peak performance lifespans mean fewer replacements over time, saving you from having to repeat this process (and potentially making these same mistakes) more times than necessary.

We hope your HVAC replacement goes well this summer and if you avoid these mistakes above, we know you will.

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